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[Carriage Passing Through a Crowd]
Photograph of a carriage passing through a crowd of adults and children in nineteenth century clothing. A prop saloon building is visible behind the crowd and vehicle.
[Cattle Being Loaded along a Chute]
Photograph of cattle walking along a loading chute. The two animals are maneuvering along the fenced wooden structure towards the direction of the camera. A man in a hat watches by the right side of the chute.
[Cattle in a Loading Complex]
Photograph of cattle moving along a fenced wooden loading structure on a ranch. Two men can be seen near the middle of the picture standing along the fences.
Changing Mounts, X Ranch, Kent, Texas
Photograph of a group of horses roped off by a group of cowboys. In the center of the photo, a cowboy is working with the tack of a white horse. Scrub hills rise in the background.
[Children in a Wagon]
Photograph of a group of fifteen African American people gathered in and around a wagon. Most of the group are children, but a man can be seen on the left side of the wagon.
[Children on Horseback]
Photograph of a group of children on horseback. The horses are standing along a wire fence on a ranch yard. Approximately three fourths of the photo is blurred from the left.
[Children Seated By a Bale of Hay]
Photograph of three children seated together at the side of a large bale of hay. They are each cradling a doll in their arms. The girl in the middle may be Merle Matthews. To the left, a man in a hat is peeking around the corner of the bale.
[Circle of Children Clapping as Two Boys Dance]
Photograph of a circle of children who are clapping as two boys dance. They are wearing western style costumes. This dance is taking place outside at night on a grassy field.
[Class Posing in Front of School]
Photograph of a class posing in front of the school. The teacher stands with a profile to the far right, while the students are arranged in two rows. The back row is primarily made up of boys standing and wearing hats. The front row is composed entirely of girls who are sitting. A young girl sits in front of the center of the front row.
[Collapsed Stone Structure]
Photograph of a collapsed stone structure in a scrub field.
[Cow Leaping Along a Loading Chute]
Photograph of a cow leaping along a wooden loading chute. A man can be seen to the right of the animal on the other side of the fence, though his face is obscured by a fencepost.
[Cow Tied to a Tree]
Photograph of a cow lying on the ground with its rear left leg and its muzzle bound with rope. Its muzzle is tied to a tree to the right. A boy stands behind the animal while a man straddles it and touches its neck. The group is in a ranch pen with a a stable behind them.
[Cowboy Sitting on a Mule]
Photograph of a young cowboy riding a mule out on a ranch yard. The young man is wearing a hat, plaid shirt, and jeans and holding onto the stationary mule's reins.
[Cowboys and Horses in front of a Barn]
Photograph of cowboys standing with tacked horses in front of a barn.
[Cowboys Branding a Calf]
Photograph of cowboys branding a calf. A group of cowboys, many of whom are wearing leather chaps, are standing around a table topped with a restrained calf. Five men hover around the calf to the left of a green truck, while two men stand to the left near some branding irons. In the background, men are leading calves through a fenced chute that opens out to the table. Behind them, cattle are standing in a pasture with bare trees.
[Cowboys Saddling up at Barn]
Photograph of cowboys saddling up horses in front of a barn. The long shadows indicate that it is early morning.
[A Crowd and a Carriage]
Photograph of a crowd standing on the left side of the photo and a horse drawn carriage on the right. The area is dark save for the lights on the subjects.
[A Crowd Near an Airplane]
Photograph of a small crowd of people near a grounded airplane. A doorway is open on the plane and a person is climbing up its stairs. Automobiles are parked to the right of the crowd and the rear of the plane.
The "Dears"
Photograph of two young girls standing outdoors with a leashed deer faun.
[Dirty Young Boy]
Photograph of a young blonde boy sitting on the ground in front of a vine covered fence. He is wearing a dotted shirt and shorts with suspenders. He is holding a small plastic shovel in his left hand and a dirt-filled metal cup in his right. An overturned toy truck rests by the fence behind him. The bottom portion of the photo shows the reflection of vines and a window on a building.
[Dog in a Ranch Yard]
Photograph of a dog lying down in a stoney ranch yard. There is a wood and wire fence containing a woodpile behind it, and another woodpile in the background to the right.
[Dog Moving Through a Fence Toward a Plate]
Photograph of a two colored dog moving through a livestock fence on its way toward a stack of plates containing the remnants of food.
[Dog on a Ranch Field]
Photograph of a two colored dog lying on the group outside of a wood and wire livestock fence.
[Early Aerial View of Albany, Texas]
Photograph of Albany, Texas, taken from a hillside in the town's early days. A building, horse drawn buggy, and trees are visible in the foreground. Just behind these lies a ranch house and property surrounded by a wooden fence. A path leads from the house to an outhouse and a gate. A team of animals is being followed by a person in the field behind this fenced area. Houses and other buildings are in the periphery, and a long hill is visible in the background.
[Elizabeth Greenon Horseback at Fat Stock Show]
Photograph of Elizabeth Green wearing a cowboy hat, neck tie, shirt and jeans. She is sitting atop a tacked horse. They are in front of a large group of people, horses, and vehicles gathered among two buildings with semicircular shapes. The building on the left has the word "Cattle" over its doorway, and the building on the right has the words "Cattle Judging."
[Emma Coffee, Susan Emily Reynolds, and Georgia Coffee]
Photograph of Emma Coffee, Susan Emily Reynolds, and Georgia Coffee. The black clad women are photographed so that only the head and shoulders of the Coffees are visible and Reynolds is visible from the waist up.
[Ewe with Lambs on Ranch Lot]
Photograph of a ewe tending to one of two newborn black lambs next to a wooden fence. Two cattle are nearby. Another animal can be seen in the background between ranch buildings.
[The Extended Matthews-Reynolds Families Under Trees]
Photograph of the extended Matthews and Reynolds families under trees. They are arranged in four rows, with mostly children sitting in the front row and African Americans standing in the back row. There is a table sitting to the left of the group.
[Family by a Pickup Truck]
Photograph of a family standing by a pickup truck. Two tall men in plaid shirts stand off to the left. A young boy stands in front of an older, balding man. A woman in a white dress stands with her hands in her pockets in front of the truck bed and to the left of another woman in pants. Another woman stands to the right underneath a tree. A small shed with a corrugated metal roof is behind the group to the left.
[Family on a Stage in Nineteenth Century Costumes]
Photograph of a family together on stage dressed in nineteenth century clothing. The area is dark, so the family is illuminated from off camera lighting.
[Family on Rocks]
Photograph of a family sitting in a field of rocks flanked by shrubs. Nearest to the bottom of the photo, a woman in a floral dress sits with two young boys at her feet. Behind them, an older woman in a hat sits on a rock next to two young women.
[Father and Son on Fence]
Photograph of a man wearing a coat and glasses sitting with his son on a wooden fence. There are trees and a woodpile behind them.
[Feral Hogs Running in Pen]
Photograph of several feral hogs running along a wooden fence in a pen. Three young hogs to the left follow behind a larger mottled hog and an even large dark hog.
[Five Men at an Indoor Picnic Table]
Photograph of five men sitting at an indoor picnic table. The table is covered with jugs, cups, and bowls. A flower vase sits next to a ketchup bottle near the center. An icebox separates this group from another table with a gingham tablecloth and chairs.
[Five People in front of an Animal Pen]
Photograph of a five people standing in front of an animal pen. Standing from left to right: a young man in a plaid jacket; a young man whose head and shoes alone are visible; a taller man; a young woman wearing a fur coat; and another young woman wearing a denim jacket. The shadow of a human head is visible in the bottom right portion of the photo.
[Five Women Performing on Stage]
Photograph of five women performing on stage. The area is dark, though light shines upon the women from in front of the stage. Three women with crossed arms stand in a triangular pattern in front of a microphone stand. Two women sit on either side of the woman who stands as the triangle's vertex.
[Four Boys in a Yard]
Photograph of four boys in a yard. A boy in a striped shirt sits to the left, and another boy sits in a toy wagon to the right. Two boys stand behind them. The boy on the left may be Watt Matthews.
[Four Children Sitting on a Horse]
Photograph of four children sitting on a chestnut horse in front of a barn. The children are arranged in order of descending size, with the largest child sitting on the rear of the horse. Two shadows are along the ground in front of the horse.
[Four Horses Standing around a Carriage]
Photograph of four horses standing around a horse drawn carriage. The animals are facing away from the camera towards the carriage. They are still tacked. Power lines cross the skyline above background buildings.
[Four Men and Two Horses at Night]
Photograph of four men and two horses near a bench at night. Three older men sit together on the left side of the bench, with a light horse standing behind them. A man stands to the right behind both the bench and a dark horse.
[Four Men Posing on a Stage]
Photograph of four men posing on stage. Three men stand together, arms around each others' shoulders. Another man lays before them to the right with his hat tipped down to obscure his face and clutching a jug. Lights off camera illuminate the group as they stand in darkness.
[Four Men Waiting at a Gate]
Photograph of four men waiting around a wooden fence and gate.
[Four People in Swimsuits Sitting on a Log]
Photograph of four people sitting on a log in a wooded area while wearing swimsuits. A young man, left, is holding a cup. Next to him, a girl sits near a man holding an object on his right knee. A boy sits at the right end of the log holding something in his left hand. In the lower left quadrant of the photo, an open box is filled and surrounded with bags and a swim cap.
[Four People on Horseback]
Photograph of four people on horseback in front of a wire fence. An adult man rides at the left of the group, with a young woman to his right. Two boys sit on horses block part of a building to the right.
[Four People Sitting on a Log]
Photograph of one man and three women sitting on a log under a tree.
[Four Young People Swimming]
Photograph of four young people swimming in a body of water near a pier. A young woman wearing a swimming cap(left) and two young men (right) are visible from the neck up. The top of a four young man's head is visible between the other two boys.
[Geese Walking Past Lambshead Ranch Bunkhouse]
Photograph of geese walking past a Lambshead Ranch bunkhouse. The building has a corrugated metal roof and screened windows. A tree to the left offers some shade.
[The Gentry Family Outside of the George T. Reynolds House]
Photograph of a family standing in a scattered formation outside their two story house with a stone facade. A reined and branded horse stands in the grass near the house. A black woman stands tot he right.
[Girl on a Horse's Rump]
Photograph of a girl in winter clothes riding on a chestnut horse's rump. There is a barn and gated pen behind them. On the right stands a man and a boy, and a third person obscured by the horse.
[Girl Standing on a Horse's Back]
Photograph of a girl standing on the back of a horse. They are in front of a barn with a pen.