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[Watt Matthews Standing over a Dead Hog]

Description: Photograph of Watt Matthews standing over a dead hog. He is wearing a lightly colored hat, blue denim jacket, dark blue jeans, and black boots. The hog and an axe lies at his feet. Materials lie in front of trees and shrubs in the background.
Date: December 24, 1940
Creator: Blanton, Joseph Edwin
Item Type: Photograph

[Richard King Putting Hog Entrails in a Steel Tub]

Description: Photograph of Richard King bending over a tub of hog guts. He is holding an organ with his left hand and manipulating it with a tool in his right hand. King is wearing denim overalls, a shirt with rolled sleeves, and a cap. He is standing in an area full of underbrush.
Date: 1949~
Creator: Wallace, Sally Brittingham
Item Type: Photograph

[Stagecoach Drawn by Mule Team]

Description: Photograph of a stagecoach drawn by a team of six mules with people standing amongst them. The stagecoach, right, has a burgundy cab and bright yellow wheels and shaft. A black carriage stands to the left of the photo.
Date: April 8, 1949
Creator: Wallace, Sally Brittingham
Item Type: Photograph