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[Nine People on Horseback]

Description: Photograph of nine people on horseback in front of the three story Shackelford County Courthouse. The people are, from left to right: Laura Reynolds; Mary Conrad; Annie Lou Powell; Ewing House; Merle Reynolds (on "Jumbo"); Ethel Matthews (on "Geronimo"); Will Larn; Lucile Matthews (on "Chappo"); and Fern Newcomb. They are wearing pioneer clothing.
Date: 1897

[Portrait of Seven Children]

Description: Photograph of seven children in a vignetted portrait. The children are, starting with the eldest girl at the top and going clockwise: May Matthews, Joe Matthews, Susette Matthews, Ethel Matthews, Lucile Matthews, Sallie Matthews, and John A. Matthews. Photo is labeled "A Very Merry Christmas."
Date: 1897~
Creator: George