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[Family on a Riverbank]

Description: Photograph of a family on a wooded riverbank. Several people are on the riverbank among the trees, while four people are in a rowboat with the word "GATORR" written along its side. A roofed structure and a wagon are visible up on the bank.
Date: March 28, 1896
Creator: George, J. W.

[Four Children on a Blanket with Cats]

Description: Photograph of four children on a Navajo "Eye Dazzler" blanket with cats. Three girls (Fern Newcomb, Ethel Matthews, and Lucile Matthews) sit against the foundation of a house, wearing dresses and holding kittens in their laps. The infant, Sallie Matthews, is in a long white dress and lies at their feet with an adult cat laying near her head.
Date: 1893

[Four Girls with a Bicycle]

Description: Photograph of four young girls who are wearing Victorian-style plaid dresses and are situated around a bicycle. Two of the girls (Mary and Ethel Matthews) are seated on the ground in front of the bicycle while the other two girls (Annie Merle Reynolds and Susette Matthews) are standing behind it.
Date: 1890~

[Girls on a Porch]

Description: Photograph of young girls of varying ages who are on a porch. Foremost, a girl named Ethel is wearing a floral bonnet and dress sits in a tricycle. Behind her, a girl named May wears a dark striped dress and has her hair tied with ribbon. Two girls, Susette and Lucile, sit on a chair behind the other girls. A partially shuttered window is in the left side of the picture as well.
Date: 1892~

[Gus Newcomb and Sallie Matthews]

Description: Photographs of a man and a toddler. The photograph to the left features Gus Newcomb in a three piece suit seated in front of a window shutter and reading a book. The photo to the right is of Sallie Matthews as a toddler in a white dress sitting on a chair that has been draped with a patterned blanket.
Date: 1890~

[Joseph Beck Matthews]

Description: Photograph of Joseph Beck Matthews, an elder, bearded man wearing an overcoat, vest, and pocket watch while holding a cigar in one hand and a hat in the other. He is standing next to a building that has a stone ground level and a wooden upper level with windows. A plant trellis with a bare plant rises behind him.
Date: 1895~
Creator: Greer's Studio

[Matthews Memorial Presbyterian Church]

Description: Photograph of the Matthews Memorial Presbyterian Church, which is a gabled brick building behind a picket fence. Gothic style windows are spaced along the side of the building. To the left, double doors stand below a bell-gable. There is a small overhang on the right, and a chimney is visible behind it.
Date: 1898

[Mr. Reynolds Standing behind Seated Anne Maria Reynolds]

Description: Photograph of a mustached man (Mr. Reynolds) in a three piece suit standing behind and holding a rocking chair that contains the elderly, grey haired Anne Maria Reynolds. The woman is wearing a dark dress and holds a pair of glasses. They are in a room with floral wallpaper, a trunk to the left, and a door to the right. A floral print and a framed cross stitch piece are on the wall to the left.
Date: 1890~

[Nine People on Horseback]

Description: Photograph of nine people on horseback in front of the three story Shackelford County Courthouse. The people are, from left to right: Laura Reynolds; Mary Conrad; Annie Lou Powell; Ewing House; Merle Reynolds (on "Jumbo"); Ethel Matthews (on "Geronimo"); Will Larn; Lucile Matthews (on "Chappo"); and Fern Newcomb. They are wearing pioneer clothing.
Date: 1897