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[Watt Matthews Heating a Branding Iron]

Description: Photograph of Watt Matthews holding a branding iron to a fire in a paint bucket. More branding irons are sticking into a crumpled oil drum to his right. To his left, two cowboys stand around the rear of a pickup truck.
Date: 1959
Item Type: Photograph

[A Woman and Watt Matthews Standing in Front of Cars]

Description: Photograph of a woman and Watt Matthews posing for a photo in front of two cars. The woman is holding a fur coat and wears a sun hat, sunglasses, and a brown blouse and skirt. Matthews is wearing a hat and a brown two piece suit. He is holding a picnic basket in his left hand and an umbrella in his right. They are standing in a parking lot in front of an obscured man, cars, and a flat roofed building.
Date: February 26, 1954
Item Type: Photograph

[Yearbook Clippings]

Description: Four yearbook clippings affixed onto a scrapbook page. The picture on the top left features young men waving hats next to a picture of a man and a little girl that are bordered by a Christmas wreath. On the top right, a red ribbon and green snowflakes are illustrated around two photos featuring families. The bottom left has a group of people in a room in front of a painting. On the bottom right, young men and women are dressed for a social event.
Date: 1950
Item Type: Photograph