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[Blood Analysis: Number 4425 - October 7, 1936]

Description: Medical analysis of a blood test performed by the Laboratoire D'Analyses Medicales including specific measurements, a graph, and a summary of findings.
Date: October 7, 1936
Creator: Laboratoire D'Analyses Medicales

The Effects Produced by Decreasing the Calcium and Phosphorus Intake on Calcium and Phosphorus Absorption and Deposition and on Various Bodily Constituents of the Rat

Description: Summary of a report that studied the effects of lowering the calcium and phosphorus intake of albino rats one week after they were weaned. They discovered that the amounts of calcium and phosphorus were lowered however they did keep appearing even when the bare minimum was used. This in turn affected the wet weight, dry weight, ash and calcium and phosphorus levels in the rats' bones.
Date: August 10, 1940
Creator: Bachmann, G.; Haldi, J.; Wynn, W. & Ensor, C.

Federal Security Agency: Food and Drug Administration

Description: Dr. Bodansky's statement at the Federal Security Agency and Food and Drug Administration hearing. He describes his academic training, his work history and publications history and includes with his statement a report he conducted on the nutritional and physiological properties of emargol and monostearin sodium sulfoacetate, in which he states that there are no harmful effects when ingesting emargol.
Date: 194?

[Letter of Memorial Resolution from the Galveston Club to Dr. Meyer Bodansky's Family - July 9, 1941]

Description: A short letter from the secretary of the Galveston Club Rotary International, informing Mrs. Meyer Bodansky that a copy of the resolution of the Galveston Club Rotary International board is enclosed. Also included is a letter from the Rotary International Galveston Club in Galveston, Texas, to the members of Dr. Meyer Bodansky's family, expressing their condolences and offering a Memorial Resolution for his recent passing on June 14th, 1941.
Date: 1941-07-09/1941-09-29
Creator: Galveston Club