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1919 Class Picture

Description: Class photograph of the University of Texas Class of 1919. Two women are holding signs, one for "Laws 1919" and one for "Academs 1919" and a man is holding a sign for "Engineers 1919;" Edith Bonnet is standing in the front row, second from the left of the woman holding the "Academs 1919" sign. The names of all the attendees are typed on the back of the photo in order from first row to third row.
Date: April 12, 1969

[Diary of Edith Marguerite Bonnet]

Description: Diary of Edith Marguerite Bonnet, presented to her Christmas 1918 by Hamilton M. Bonnet. According to the first page she began entries in January 1919, and covers events up until 1972; pages 140 to the end of the diary are left empty.
Date: 1919-01/1972
Creator: Bonnet, Edith Marguerite

[Edith Bonnet's Pathology Lab Notebook]

Description: Notebook used by Edith Bonnet for her Pathology lab; the title on the inside cover says Parasitology. This book contains notes and diagrams for classes taken by Bonnet; multiple pages are cut out of the beginning, several pages are missing at the end and after page 170 they start over and go backwards to 125.
Date: 1923-10-04/1924-01-22
Creator: Bonnet, Edith Marguerite

[Grade Report for Edith M. Bonnet]

Description: Grade report for Edith M. Bonnet for the third year of her schooling at the University of Texas School of Medicine. Her grades are shown for both the first and second term with a general average calculated at the bottom.
Date: June 1, 1925
Creator: Nolan, John C.
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