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Ashbel Smith, M. D., (1805-1886): Pioneer Medical Educator in Texas

Description: A copy of typed remarks spoken by Dr. Chauncey D. Leake at Yale University on January 31, 1947, about the life and work of nineteenth-century doctor Ashbel Smith. Leake's handwritten edits and notes feature throughout. A paper based on this manuscript was printed in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine #20, pp. 225-232; January, 1948.
Date: January 31, 1947
Creator: Leake, Chauncey Depew, 1896-1978

[Aviation Medical Examiner Class 51-A Graduation Reception]

Description: Photograph of three people, conversing while drinking tee or coffee and smoking, at a graduation reception for Aviation Medical Examiner Class 51-A of the School of Aviation Medicine, USAF, at Randolph Field in Universal City, Texas. From left to right: Brig. Gen. Otis O. Benson, Jr., Mrs. Leighton F. Downing, and Dr. Chauncey D. Leake. Included on the reverse is a note identifying the place, date, and subjects.
Date: January 27, 1951

[Commencement Excercises, University of Texas Medical Branch, June 3, 1955]

Description: Photograph of UTMB Commencement Exercises on June 3rd, 1955. At center, Dr. Chauncey D. Leake shakes hands with student Melvyn Schriber on an auditorium stage, while a man stands behind them at a table with rolled diplomas on it. D. Bailey Calvin stands at a microphone in the background, while at least 26 other faculty and guests are seated onstage, and at least six students wait in line at the stage's edge. All except three are wearing graduation robes. A young girl is visible in a gallery at top-left, and a piano is in front of the stage at bottom-left. On the photo's reverse is an address, taped over which is a descriptive note.
Date: June 3, 1955

[Council of Pan-American Relations, San Antonio]

Description: Photograph of representatives for the Council of Pan-American Relations (San Antonio) posing behind a desk. The representatives were attending the graduation of the US Air Force's Aviation Medical Examiner Class 51-A at Randolph Field. Mrs. Preston H. Dial stands third from left, Dr. Chauncey D. Leake is fourth from right, and Brigadier General Otis O. Benson Jr., USAF is third from right.
Date: January 27, 1951

The Doctor and the Post-War World

Description: Dr. Witten B. Russ's baccalaureate address to graduates of the University of Texas Medical Branch, in which he discusses the duties of the doctor and the need for moral and spiritual leadership in the medical community when World War II ends.
Date: August 4, 1943
Creator: Russ, Witten B.

[Dr. Chauncey D. Leake and Seven Colleagues at a Medical Exhibition]

Description: Photograph of seven men and one woman at a medical exhibition. From left to right: Dr. J. J. S... (illegible note), Dr. M. E. Sauer, Dr. Glenn Drager, Mr. J. Place, Dr. Van Lieu, Dr. Chauncey D. Leake, Dr. L. B. Aury, and Dr. R. Blount. Two photo-portraits of men hang suspended on the wall behind the subjects. A skeleton model in a glass case is visible on the left, behind which are two men and a woman.
Date: 1950~
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