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[Appel Studio]

Description: Photograph of some of Doris Appel's Hall of Medicine sculptures in a studio or workshop. The sculpture in the foreground is being held up by several wooden beams and appears to have fencing or netting on the back of it.
Date: unknown

[Appel with Historians Sigerist and Castiglioni]

Description: Photograph Doris Appel, Henry E. Sigerist, a reporter from the Baltimore Sun, and Arturo Castiglioni walking through a garden area side by side. The photo is attached to a piece of brown paper, on which each member of the group is labeled. The paper appears to be an inside cover page from Sigerist's book, Civilization and Disease. There is a note from Sigerist to Appel on the page that reads, "To Doris Appel whose creations are a great contribution to civilization. Mr. Sigerist."
Date: unknown

[Appel with Sigerist at Johns Hopkins]

Description: Photograph of sculptor, Doris Appel, standing with medical historian, Henry Sigerist, near a large entrance passage at Johns Hopkins Institute. Sigerist is standing on the left with his right arm raised to wave at the camera and Appel is on the right holding multiple items in her arms, positioned facing Sigerist while smiling back at the camera.
Date: unknown
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