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Pre-Plymouth Peregrinations

Description: Presidential address given by Jesse E. Thompson before the Texas Surgical Society in San Antonio, Texas. In the speech, Thompson discusses Cabeza de Vaca's time living with the Native Americans of Texas and the conquest of Mexico, with particular focus on the operations he performed, including the first recorded surgical operation in North America.
Date: October 9, 1972
Creator: Thompson, Jesse E.

The Surgeon's Religion

Description: Address given by R.J. White before the Texas Surgical Society as its president, about the philosophical reasons why he and other members of the society may have chosen the profession of surgeon.
Date: October 2, 1950
Creator: White, R. J.

A Look Back - A Look Ahead #1

Description: Presidential address given by R.H. Baskin before the Texas Surgical Society. In the speech, Baskin discusses his career journey as a surgeon, including his teachers and colleagues, technological advances in medicine, and his ideas of what the future may hold. The printed text is annotated with handwritten notes.
Date: July 11, 1984
Creator: Baskin, R. H.