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[Letter from W. S. Carlin to Meyer Bodansky - February 1936]

Description: Letter from Dean W. S. Carlin to Dr. Meyer Bodansky, replying to a previous letter confirming the inadvisability of encouraging students to pursue graduate degrees in the medical school at the University of Texas Galveston campus. He notes several reasons for this stance, including limited facilities and preoccupied faculty and staff.
Date: February 24, 1936
Creator: Carlin, W. S.

[Letter from Warren M. Cox, Jr. to Dr. Meyer Bodansky - December 13, 1940]

Description: Letter from Warren M. Cox, Jr. to Dr. Meyer Bodansky concerning some articles about the effects of vitamin D dosages on calcium and phosphorus levels that Dr. Bodansky had written him about recently. Cox goes on to criticize various other studies that have overdosed the rats used in their experiments so the results may be skewed. He includes his own experimental results conducted on rats on the effects of vitamin D on their bodies and briefly discusses the results.
Date: December 13, 1940
Creator: Cox, Warren M., Jr.

[Letter from Warren M. Cox to Dr. Meyer Bodansky - December 3, 1940]

Description: Letter from Dr. Warren M. Cox, Jr. to Dr. Bodansky requesting at least 100 reprints of a paper that Dr. Bodansky published and advising that Dr. Bodansky's summary of the findings on maternal and fetal calcium levels in the Journal of Pediatrics be presented at the meeting of the American Pediatric Society or of the Pediatric Research Society. There is a handwritten post script from Dr. Warren M. Cox to Dr. Bodansky indicating they are sorry that Dr. Bodansky did not make it to Memphis.
Date: December 3, 1940
Creator: Cox, Warren M., Jr.

[Letter from William L. Marr to Meyer Bodansky - January 20, 1940]

Description: Letter to Dr. Meyer Bodansky from William L. Marr dated January 20th, 1940, informing Dr. Bodansky that his paper, "Biochemical Aspects of Hematology" was accepted for presentation at a conference. The letter also asks for an abstract of the paper to be mailed back no later than February 10, 1940. On the back of the letter, Dr. Bodansky wrote a rough draft of the abstract in pencil. An attached secondary page features the abstract's final typed version.
Date: unknown
Creator: Bodansky, Meyer, 1896-1941 & Marr, William L.