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[Election poster for the first Texas City election in 1911]

Description: A photographic reproduction of a campaign poster for the first city elections for the city of Texas City, held on Saturday, September 16, 1911. The poster reads as follows " Vote for W. P. Tarpey for mayor H. M. Coats and F. B. Davison for commissioners for a greater Texas City and a square deal for all Election Saturday, September 16th, 1911". At the bottom of the poster is printed "Fred F. Hunter, Printer, Galveston." The poster has no graphic decoration or color, and is printed in black and white letters.
Date: September 16, 1911

[The Southern Hotel in early Texas City]

Description: A front view of the Southern Hotel in early Texas City. The hotel is a large structure with three stories, and has porches along parts of the lower two stories. An early automobile is parked in front of the hotel. A horse-drawn carriage can be seen near the right side of the hotel. The roadway in front and alongside the hotel is dirt. To the left of the hotel is a one-story wooden house.
Date: [1911..1920]