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[A commercial building in Texas City]

Description: An unidentified two-story commercial building stands on the northwest corner of Texas Avenue and Third Street in Texas City. Line markers for parking places are visible in the foreground, so the building is in the business district, although the building on the left was a residence. Three identical signs are posted on the floor-to-ceiling ground floor windows on the left end of the building. To the left of the building, pipes and other materials lie on the ground near another two-story building. To the far right of the picture a sign reading "Frank's Taxi Service" hangs on the side of another building that was once a pawn shop. A car is driving down the street.
Date: 1940~/1950~

[Near the Post Office and the Showboat Theater in Texas City]

Description: Looking north up 6th Street North in the downtown area of Texas City. Cars are parked on both sides of the road. Other cars travel in both directions on the street. A number of people can be seen standing on the corner or walking near the large multi-storied Post Office with the tall flag pole which stands on the corner of the street. Small businesses line both sides of the street. On the left side, beyond the Post Office on the corner, are signs identifying the first building as "Hetherington's Jewelry", and the second building as "Insurance" and "Shoes". On the right side of the street, about two blocks down is a tall multi-storied sign reading "Showboat", [i.e. the Showboat Theater]. A taxi is in the street near the Post Office building on the left corner.
Date: [1940..1949]