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[General Colquitt's staff at the Houston carnival in 1914]

Description: Nine army officers in full dress uniform, Governor Oscar Branch Colquitt in long coat and top hat, and a gentleman in a costume composed of a crown, a pastel dress with lace, a shawl, white stockings and slippers stand as a group near the end of a wooden pier or boat slip. Two gentlemen wearing naval caps are at the back of the group. From left to right in the first row is Col. Hugh B. Moore, then Governor Colquitt, then the man in the costume, then another army officer. The man in costume has a sash of leaves or fronds draped over the dress. Strings of flags and banners hang overhead. On the back of the photograph is written:"Governor Colquit's staff Houston Carnival 1914." On the front of the photograph is a handwritten note "Governor" identifying the gentleman in the top hat.
Date: 1914

[On the road to supper in the summer of 1914]

Description: Four young men and five young ladies are gathererd along a road in a wooded area. The women are dressed in long white dresses and hats. The men are dressed in suits and boaters. One man, sitting on the ground, holds a large white box. The left-most woman holds a string to another long box, or perhaps a lease on an unseen pet. On the back of the postcard is written: "Summer 1914 on the road to supper" and "Lee McCaughn, W.R. Blocker, Evalyn Davidson, Elisha Meyers, Emma Webster, Henry Foster, Pauline Landrum, Paul Hayes, Sceu [?], Lucile Davidson".
Date: 1914

[A portrait of Col. Hugh B. Moore in uniform]

Description: A portrait of Col. Hugh B. Moore in Army uniform. The portrait has no background, but is mounted in the center of tan cardboard stock mat with an embossed stamp in the lower right corner reading "Photographie Victor Hugo 130 Avenue Victor Hugo." The folded cover paper has a round stamp affixed on the front which reads "Rancoule, Paris, 130 Av. Victor Hugo." The portrait was apparently taken in Paris, France during Col. Moore's service on General Pershing's staff.
Date: [1914..1919]
Creator: Rancoule

[A portrait of Mark Anizan in uniform]

Description: A formal portrait of Mark Anizan in U.S. Army uniform with an arm resting on the back of a wooden seating unit. At the bottom of the postcard is written: Photographie D'Art et Industrielle, Andre Esquiro, 136 Rue Sainte Catherine Bordeaux". On the back of the postcard is written: "To Tony, Laura, and the family, with love from Mark Anizan". In another handwriting is written: "Mr Tony Anizans brother".
Date: [1914..1917]