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[Aerial view of Nessler pool in the early 1950s]
An aerial view of the Nessler swimming pool. Many people are in the pool. A few people are on or near three sets of bleachers along the side of the pool. To the left of the pool is a tennis court with about ten people playing or watching tennis. A bus and a truck are parked near the building near the front of the pool. Approximately 20 cars are parked in a cleared lot near the street. On the reverse side of the photograph is written: "Nessler Pool" (early 1950's)
[Helen Moore sitting at the base of a cliff in Frijoles Canyon, New Mexico]
Photograph of Helen Moore, wearing a dress and a hat, sits on rocks near a road at the base of a cliff at Frijoles Canyon, New Mexico. On the back of the photograph is written: "Frijoles Canyon, N. M. June 1, 1959."