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Just arrived - waiting orders, Texas City, Texas

Description: A group of 24 soldiers, 4 adult males in civilian clothing and 6 boys are sitting or standing in front of a building. A soldier on the far right stands astride a bicycle. Wording on photo front "Just arrived waiting orders Texas City Texas" The inscription "Higby photo No. 1310" is written on the bottom right corner. The building is probably the train depot.
Date: [1913..1915]
Creator: Higby

Lt. T.D. Milling and Lt. Sherman landing at Texas City, Tex.

Description: Pilot and co-pilot are seated in a biplane on an airfield. Large tents are visible in distance on right. Wording on front of image reads "Lt T.D. Milling and Lt Sherman landing at Texas City Tex. after breaking American duration and distance record. Left T.C. Fri March 28th 2:15 pm arrived San Antonio 5:37 pm landed at 630 left S.A. Mon 1:15 pm arr T.C. 512 pm [copyright symbol] by Higby photo no. 1." Year is 1913, known from other sources.
Date: 1913
Creator: Higby

[Photograph of Storm Damage at Texas City]

Description: Photograph of remains of a wooden structure with only a portion of two walls still standing appears in the photo foreground. The structure is surrounded by wooden debris. Two other long wooden structures stand behind this structure, one of which is heavily damaged. In the background are four one-story houses and two power poles. Only one partially collapsed wall of the left-most house is visible. Four soldiers are standing amid the wreckage and debris. Flooded fields are visible in the distance. Wording on photo front "Storm at Texas City Aug 16th, 1915 Higby photo."
Date: August 16, 1915
Creator: Higby

[Photograph of Storm Damage at Texas City, Tex.]

Description: Photograph of a residential area is shown with scattered debris in the foreground. On the left is a large pile of debris from a destroyed wooden structure. Beyond that is a one story house leaning precariously to the right, braced up at the right rear corner by a board wedged in between the roof and the ground at a sharp angle. Two people are sitting on the porch of the house holding children on their laps. An animal, probably a dog, is standing to the right of the house. Two other buildings are visible behind and on the right of the damaged house, with one other building on the left. Wooden boards in the foreground have been placed as walkways over watery areas. Wording on photo front "Storm at Texas City Tex. Aug. 16th, 1915. Photo by Higby."
Date: August 16, 1915
Creator: Higby

[Photograph of Suttle Building After Storm]

Description: Photograph of a two-story brick building with heavy structural damage visible to the front of the second story and the windows. Building debris is piled in front of the building and on the front of the second floor. A telephone pole still stands in the center of the picture, and a soldier faces the building at the front far-left corner. Written on the photo is the caption "Suttle Bld. after the storm at Texas City Tex. Aug 16/15. Photo by Higby."
Date: August 16, 1915
Creator: Higby

Twenty-sixth Infantry Band now at Texas City

Description: Twenty three soldiers in uniform stand in two rows in a semicircle holding brass and woodwind musical instruments. Metal music stands are arranged in front of the soldiers. Another soldier stands facing the camera in front of a music stand while holding a musical conductor's baton in one hand. Wording on photo front :"26t Inf. Band. Texas City Higby Photo."
Date: [1913..1915]
Creator: Higby

Aviation field and machines First Aero Squadron Texas

Description: An airplane with pilot and co-pilot in helmets are sitting at controls of the biplane. Eight other ground crew in uniform and hats are posing for photograph standing in front of airplane. Large tents are seen in the background. People in distance on right are standing or sitting on a wall with advertising on it. "Wright C, SC-14 with 1/Lts. Roy Kirtland pilot and Hugh Kelly student, Texas City, Texas March 1913. Lt. Kelly would be killed in SC-14 with pilot Lt. E.L. Ellington in San Diego, California, 24 November 1913"--p. 123 1st Aero Squadron in Texas City, Texas / by Douglas E. Edwards in Over the Front : Journal of the League of World War I Aviation Historians, v. 13, no. 2, Summer 1998. "Aviation field and machines First Aero Squadron Texas, Maurer (?) photo copy ger (?)"--label on image. USAF Museum photo.
Date: March 1913
Creator: Maurer

[A portrait of Helen Edmunds Moore]

Description: A formal portrait of Helen Edmunds Moore looking toward the left. Mrs. Moore is seated in an upholstered chair with arms. She holds an open book in her hand, and wears a single strand of pearls, a brooch and a bar pin, over a pleated skirt ensemble. She is wearing a short hairstyle, pinned back on the sides. From other photographs and the style of the clothes Mrs. Moore is wearing, it appears that this portrait was taken during the period of her service with the Texas Legislature (1928-1936).
Date: unknown
Creator: Naschke

[4th Artillery Camp]

Description: Soldiers gather between two rows of large tents busy with a variety of tasks. In the center foreground two soldiers sit on chairs near a table. Equipment and gear including a wheel and a strapped bundle are scattered in a rough circle in front of the table. Smoke is blowing from beyond that table to the left. In the right rear, approximately twenty soldiers are standing in a rough line moving toward soldiers at another table. In the middle rear, soldiers gather near another table in front of another large tent. Wording on photo back "Texas City, Tx Aug 16, 1915 4th Art. Camp." Based on other photographs taken on Aug. 16, 1915, the day a hurricane struck and decimated the camp, it is most likely that this particular photo was taken before the date on the photo back or well after.
Date: [1913..1915]

4th Artillery Headquarters after the hurricane, Texas City

Description: A group of soldiers sit and stand on a pile of wooden debris in a pathway between two rows of wooden Army buildings. The building on the left has no roof, but the roof beams remain. Soldiers have rolled-up sleeves, unbuttoned tunics and one soldier is hatless. Wording on phot front "4th Art. Hdqs. after the hurricane, Texas City." Wording in pencil on photo back "Aug. 16, 1915." The number "10." is written in the right hand corner.
Date: August 16, 1915

[Across from the Seatrain loading crane after the 1947 Texas City Disaster]

Description: A view of the dock area and shorelines across from the Seatrain loading crane after the 1947 Texas City Disaster. Clouds of white smoke cover the horizon, and smoke still rises from the debris. The Seatrain loading crane is visible on the far right. Directly across the water from it, unseen firefighters direct a stream of water toward burning debris near shore. The area in the foreground is covered with debris of all kinds including metal and wooden pieces, wire cabling, and an unknown product in fabric bags.
Date: April 16, 1947

[Aerial view from the railroad yard after the 1947 Texas City Disaster]

Description: A elevated shot from the rail yards toward the port. View is from above a line of freight cars in the rail yard. Debris lies piled along the line of cars to the far right of the picture. Several men stand on top of one of the cars, while several more stand amid the metal debris below. Another line of rail cars loaded with uniform loads of large forms stands on a parallel set of tracks. In the distance is the grain elevator, a smokestack, two large water towers and the loading structures at the port. Heavy smoke clouds blowing left to right can be seen coming from the port area. The number "#3" is written in the lower right hand corner.
Date: April 16, 1947

[An aerial view of American Oil storage tanks in Texas City in 1934]

Description: An aerial view of two large round black storage tanks of American Oil in Texas City in 1934. In the foreground are other refinery structures. Behind the large storage tanks can be seen some one-story buildings. Further back can be seen some homes and other structures. On the horizon can be seen other structures and the water tower. On the back of the photograph is written in pencil :"2-12-34". Taped to the back of the photograph is a label that reads: "Donated to Texas City Historical Committee by American Oil Company September 15, 1971."
Date: February 12, 1934

[Aerial view of burning storage tanks after the 1947 Texas City Disaster]

Description: An aerial view of burning storage tanks on a storage tank farm near the port in Texas City during the Texas City Disaster. Large clouds of heavy black and white smoke are rising from several of the tanks. A number of the tanks show visible compression and explosion damage. The caption on back of this photograph reads: "White smoke rises for a fire that is burning out. The thick black smoke is being fed by all manner of petroleum products."
Date: April 16, 1947

[An aerial view of construction in Texas City in 1934]

Description: An aerial view of several construction sites in Texas City. At the bottom left, the foundation of a large building is in place and several men are walking within the building perimeters. At the bottom right the concrete walls and internal supports of another building have been built. About mid-picture the first floor of a large industrial building has been completed. A line of automobiles are parked along a wide dirt road between the construction sites. These sites appear to be refinery buildings and lines of pipelines, and power poles, surrounded by security fencing can be seen. In the background are scattered houses. On the back of the photograph in pencil is written :"1-13-34." Taped to the back of the photograph is a label reading "Donated to Texas City Historical Committee by American Oil Company Sept. 15, 1971"
Date: January 13, 1934

[Aerial view of Nessler pool in the early 1950s]

Description: An aerial view of the Nessler swimming pool. Many people are in the pool. A few people are on or near three sets of bleachers along the side of the pool. To the left of the pool is a tennis court with about ten people playing or watching tennis. A bus and a truck are parked near the building near the front of the pool. Approximately 20 cars are parked in a cleared lot near the street. On the reverse side of the photograph is written: "Nessler Pool" (early 1950's)
Date: 1952~