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[Board of Trade Building in early Texas City]

Description: A photograph of the Texas City Board of Trade building in the early 1900's. The building is three stories high with Texas City National Bank and Goodson Drugstore on the ground floor at the right of the building. On the front of the building are large letters spelling "BOARD OF TRADE". On the side of the building with the bank and drugstore entrances and the letters "T C E L & W C O". Five automobiles and parked around the building. A number of men dressed in suits and hats are gathered outside the building.
Date: [1907..1908]

[Bob Wedell]

Description: Bob Wedell, dressed in a white shirt, dark pants and tie, stands with one hand on his hip outside. Behind him can be seen a house, some trees and a fence. There is a black area on the print from the left center to the center bottom of the image.
Date: [1900..1903]

[Colonel Hugh Benton Moore, Captain A. B. Wolvin and others at the Texas City docks around 1907]

Description: A group of seven businessmen stand on the Texas City dock. Behind them can be seen a large cargo ship docked. To the left of the picture, stands a warehouse building. An automobile is parked near the men. The driver, in long white coat, hat and gloves stands by the front left fender. The first man in the line of seven, with the numeral "1" written underneath on the photograph, is identified as Captain Wolvin of Duluth; he leans on the right front of the car. Col. Hugh B. Moore, carrying a coat is the man fifth from the left, and is identified with the numeral "2" on the photograph. On the back of the photograph is written: "Number I Captain Wolvin of Duluth [Number] 2 - H. B. Moore - General Manager for Company Interests in Texas City - about 1907 - taken at dock."
Date: 1907

[The Davison family in the early 1900's]

Description: A group photograph of the Davison family in front of the Davison home. On the back of the photograph is written: "L-R Christine D. (Jones), Margaret D. (Grainger), Florence Davison, Florence D. (Hart), Don Davison, Frank B. Davison, Perry A. Davison, George O. Davison, Gere D. (Kilgore). and "(approx. 1906)."
Date: 1906

[An ice cream social at the First Methodist Church in Texas City around 1909]

Description: Three young ladies, dressed in white shirtfronts, lockets and long white skirts are sitting on chairs in a room eating ice cream. A young man, dressed in a dark suit jacket and plaid pants, eats ice cream from a large ladle. The ice cream tin and an extra plate sit on a wooden chair in front of the young ladies. The room holds other wooden chairs and a podium, behind the people. A map of the United States and a framed certificate are on the back wall. The room appears to be either a church or a court room. On the reverse of the photograph is written "Rev. Germany eating cream. Misses Whitney, Christine Davison and some other young lady. Note: Rev. Germany pastor of 1st Methodist Episcopal Church 1906 - 1909."
Date: [1906..1909]

[A portrait of a young Helen Edmunds Moore]

Description: A portrait of Helen Edmunds Moore on a postcard trimmed to smaller size. To the right of the portrait is handwritten "Kansas City 1901." Helen Edmunds is wearing a white long-sleeved blouse and a long dark skirt. She has a black ascot at her neckline. She is wearing a large black hat with a white brim. The hat has a black bow on the right side.
Date: 1901

[A portrait of Helen Edmunds Moore]

Description: A formal portrait of Helen Edmunds Moore at age 25. She has styled her hair up on top of her head, and wears a formal dress with a pocket watch pinned to the left breast and a high-necked blouse. She is seated in the portrait and is looking to her right. On the back of the photograph is written: "Sepha (Helen) Moore 1906."
Date: 1906

[Texas City Post Office in 1908]

Description: A photographic print of the Texas City Post Office in 1908. The second building from the left along a dirt road, the post office is a two story wooden building with a flat roof and a porch. To the left of the post office is a large two story house with a fenced hard. To the right of the post office, down the road from the post office are several two story buildings. On the photograph, in front of the building with the flat roof, is written :"P. O."
Date: 1908