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[Agusta Regan]

Description: A portrait of Agusta Regan, who appears to be about six or seven years of age in this photograph. She has her hair cut short, and is wearing a muslin dress with collar, cuffs and sash of white, white socks and black button-up shoes. On the back of the photograph is written: "Agusta Regan daughter of Mrs. M. Regan".
Date: [1910..1930]

[Col. Hugh B. Moore in uniform]

Description: Col. Hugh Benton Moore [1874-1944], in regular Army uniform with field jacket, stands in front of the porch of a brick and stone building. Based on the uniform and other photographs in the collection, this photograph was taken sometime between 1910 and 1920. (Col. Moore served in World War I in the U.S. Army).
Date: [1910..1920]

[Helen Edmunds Moore with a double horned goat]

Description: Helen Edmunds Moore, dressed in a longsleeved white blouse and long dark skirt, is holding a white goat on a rope as she walks down a hillside. On the back of the photograph is written: "Taviche Mx. 1910 Helen Moore double horned goat." Stamped on the back of the photograph is "Morris-Carter Photo Supply Co. 9119 P. O. St. Galveston, Tex".
Date: 1910

[Helen Moore with a young girl in Mexico in 1910]

Description: Helen Moore holds two round objects, possibly melons, at shoulder height. At her feet is a dog or a goat lying on the ground, being patted by a young girl, approximately 10 years old. Mrs. Moore is standing in a dirt clearing with a large building of some sort down below and behind her. Trees and scrub are visible. A small metal burner of some sort is in the far right of the picture, resting on the ground.
Date: 1910

[Jimmy Wedell and Edith Wedell]

Description: A woman in her late twenties or early thirties, dressed in a plain, long, white dress stands next to a boy of about ten. The boy is dressed in a long-sleeved white shirt, knickers and a tie and wears no shoes or socks. On the back of the photograph is written: "Jimmie Wadell [sic, corr: Jimmy Wedell] & Mother Edith."
Date: 1910~

[The Moores in Taviche, Mexico in 1910]

Description: Three women and two men, dressed in good clothes, stand in front of a brick or stone building. The bearded gentleman on the far left is dressed in a dark three-piece suit and holds a cane. Next to him stands a young woman dressed in a white shirtwaist, long white skirt and a straw hat. In the middle is an older woman dressed in an ankle-length dress and wearing a long balck mantilla. To her right is a younger man dressed in a three-piece dark suit, wearing a hat. At the far right is Helen Edmunds Moore, wearing a hat, a white long-sleeved blouse and a long dark skirt. She is carrying a purse. On the back of the photograph is written: "Father Moore, Mother Moore, Essie Monday, Ratin [sp.?] Moore, Helen Moore, Taviche 1910."
Date: 1910

[Pierce Petroleum in Texas City]

Description: A view of Pierce Petroleum, formerly Texas City Refining Company, probably taken between 1910 and 1935. Eleven large round storage tanks can be seen on the far right side of the photograph. A smokestack is visible to the rear of a number of buildings of various sizes on the left side of the picture.
Date: [1910..1935]

[The Southern Hotel in early Texas City]

Description: A front view of the Southern Hotel in early Texas City. The hotel is a large structure with three stories, and has porches along parts of the lower two stories. An early automobile is parked in front of the hotel. A horse-drawn carriage can be seen near the right side of the hotel. The roadway in front and alongside the hotel is dirt. To the left of the hotel is a one-story wooden house.
Date: [1911..1920]

[Election poster for the first Texas City election in 1911]

Description: A photographic reproduction of a campaign poster for the first city elections for the city of Texas City, held on Saturday, September 16, 1911. The poster reads as follows " Vote for W. P. Tarpey for mayor H. M. Coats and F. B. Davison for commissioners for a greater Texas City and a square deal for all Election Saturday, September 16th, 1911". At the bottom of the poster is printed "Fred F. Hunter, Printer, Galveston." The poster has no graphic decoration or color, and is printed in black and white letters.
Date: September 16, 1911

[Col. Hugh B. Moore and General John J. Pershing]

Description: General John J. Pershing (on the left) and Col. Hugh B. Moore (on the right) are standing together on an open field or parade ground. Both men are in military uniform. General Pershing wears a military overcoat, while Col. Moore does not. In the background are a number of unidentified buildings, made of stone or brick. Some have two stories.
Date: [1912..1919]

[Photograph of Passenger Pier in Texas City]

Description: Photograph of a long wooden pier, wide enough to hold automobile traffic, running out into the bay. At the end of the pier, a structure of some kind can be seen. Electric poles line the left side of the pier. Three women dressed in long dresses and hats stand looking over the rail. Farther down the pier, an automobile and a single pedestrian share the pier.
Date: [1912..1913]

[4th Artillery Camp]

Description: Soldiers gather between two rows of large tents busy with a variety of tasks. In the center foreground two soldiers sit on chairs near a table. Equipment and gear including a wheel and a strapped bundle are scattered in a rough circle in front of the table. Smoke is blowing from beyond that table to the left. In the right rear, approximately twenty soldiers are standing in a rough line moving toward soldiers at another table. In the middle rear, soldiers gather near another table in front of another large tent. Wording on photo back "Texas City, Tx Aug 16, 1915 4th Art. Camp." Based on other photographs taken on Aug. 16, 1915, the day a hurricane struck and decimated the camp, it is most likely that this particular photo was taken before the date on the photo back or well after.
Date: [1913..1915]

[Army camp at Texas City, Texas]

Description: Two rows of small pup tents are pitched in a field. Two soldiers are standing at the front of the tent rows watching the nearest tent on the left which has two soldiers kneeling and working inside the tent. One soldier stands in the distance looking away and other soldiers are kneeling or sitting in front of in the tents. On back of photo - "First Army Base Texas City Texas" and "Edward Martin Born Gal. Tx. Stationed here."
Date: [1913..1915]

[An Easter Egg hunt at the Davison home in 1913]

Description: At least six children of varying ages look for Easter eggs on the lawn at the Davison home. Six men, dressed in dark suits, and one woman wearing a white shirtwaist and long white skirt stand near the children watching. The woman holds an infant. Two of the children hold baskets. On the back of the photograph is written: "1913".
Date: 1913

Just arrived - waiting orders, Texas City, Texas

Description: A group of 24 soldiers, 4 adult males in civilian clothing and 6 boys are sitting or standing in front of a building. A soldier on the far right stands astride a bicycle. Wording on photo front "Just arrived waiting orders Texas City Texas" The inscription "Higby photo No. 1310" is written on the bottom right corner. The building is probably the train depot.
Date: [1913..1915]
Creator: Higby

Lt. T.D. Milling and Lt. Sherman landing at Texas City, Tex.

Description: Pilot and co-pilot are seated in a biplane on an airfield. Large tents are visible in distance on right. Wording on front of image reads "Lt T.D. Milling and Lt Sherman landing at Texas City Tex. after breaking American duration and distance record. Left T.C. Fri March 28th 2:15 pm arrived San Antonio 5:37 pm landed at 630 left S.A. Mon 1:15 pm arr T.C. 512 pm [copyright symbol] by Higby photo no. 1." Year is 1913, known from other sources.
Date: 1913
Creator: Higby