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[A commercial building in Texas City]

Description: An unidentified two-story commercial building stands on the northwest corner of Texas Avenue and Third Street in Texas City. Line markers for parking places are visible in the foreground, so the building is in the business district, although the building on the left was a residence. Three identical signs are posted on the floor-to-ceiling ground floor windows on the left end of the building. To the left of the building, pipes and other materials lie on the ground near another two-story building. To the far right of the picture a sign reading "Frank's Taxi Service" hangs on the side of another building that was once a pawn shop. A car is driving down the street.
Date: 1940~/1950~

[Near the Post Office and the Showboat Theater in Texas City]

Description: Looking north up 6th Street North in the downtown area of Texas City. Cars are parked on both sides of the road. Other cars travel in both directions on the street. A number of people can be seen standing on the corner or walking near the large multi-storied Post Office with the tall flag pole which stands on the corner of the street. Small businesses line both sides of the street. On the left side, beyond the Post Office on the corner, are signs identifying the first building as "Hetherington's Jewelry", and the second building as "Insurance" and "Shoes". On the right side of the street, about two blocks down is a tall multi-storied sign reading "Showboat", [i.e. the Showboat Theater]. A taxi is in the street near the Post Office building on the left corner.
Date: [1940..1949]

[The Davison home before restoration]

Description: A view of the Davison home before restoration began in the 1990's. The house has three stories with large porches off parts of the lower two stories, and a gabled tower on one corner. A small wooden building can be seen to the far left of the house. The house is in need of repainting. On top of the photograph on the front side is written in cursive writing :"Home of Florence Haver Davison & Frank B. Davison."
Date: [1945..1980]

[Airplanes at a small airport]

Description: At the far left, one small biplane sits on a runway. Two men are near that plane. Off the runway, in the grass, is a small airplane with a prop engine on the right wing. It's call number is NC65212. There are barrels and what appears to be an engine part near the plane. Further in the distance is another small plane parked in the grass.
Date: 1947

[Downtown businesses before the 1947 Texas City Disaster]

Description: A view of part of the business district in Texas City before the 1947 Texas City Disaster. Cars are parked along both sides of the street and are driving down the roads of a four-way intersection. Stores and businesses line the right side of the streets. On the left side a large flag pole stands near the corner. Down the left side of the street, a two-story building can be seen. People are walking or standing along the sidewalks in front of the stores. A bus is pulled up near one corner of the intersection. On the far right, the two nearest businesses have signs which read "Clar[r?]'s Liquor Store" and "Lucas Cafe." Further down the street are signs reading "Plaza Hotel" and "Nusbaum's."
Date: 1947

[Military personnel looking at damaged machinery after the 1947 Texas City Disaster]

Description: Military personnel look at the ruins of machinery and vehicles near the railroad tracks. One man looks directly at the camera while two others look away. In the foreground, the chassis and part of a tank remain of a four-wheeled vehicle. Behind it to the left, the remains of a large tracked vehicle, perhaps a crane, stand amid metal debris. Cables and metal struts extend upward above this ruined vehicle. A large, ruined engine sits on top of the debris. In the background, on raised railroad tracks, two lines of freight cars stand. Damage is visible to the tops and sides of the front row of cars.
Date: 1947

[Stores on 6th Street in Texas City ]

Description: Five cars are parked along a street in front of a long building holding small stores. The store signs read : "Jeweler Hetherington", "Westinghouse Appliances Farmer Bros.", "Allan's Shoes" and "Prescriptions Pharmacy." There is a woman standing looking into the window of the shoe store with other people nearby mostly hidden behind a car; a man in a suit and hat walks along the sidewalk in front of the pharmacy.
Date: 1947~

[General Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright IV and staff officers]

Description: Two unidentified Army staff officers stand in the street near an officer and a motorcycle bearing the license plate ZN TEX-47 2306. Behind the two officers, General Jonathan Wainwright stands on the sidewalk outside the brick building, smoking a pipe. He is surrounded by other Army personnel and one civilian. On the back of the photograph is written "General Wainwright - U.S. Army - helped with rescue efforts April 1947."
Date: April 1947

[Across from the Seatrain loading crane after the 1947 Texas City Disaster]

Description: A view of the dock area and shorelines across from the Seatrain loading crane after the 1947 Texas City Disaster. Clouds of white smoke cover the horizon, and smoke still rises from the debris. The Seatrain loading crane is visible on the far right. Directly across the water from it, unseen firefighters direct a stream of water toward burning debris near shore. The area in the foreground is covered with debris of all kinds including metal and wooden pieces, wire cabling, and an unknown product in fabric bags.
Date: April 16, 1947

[Aerial view from the railroad yard after the 1947 Texas City Disaster]

Description: A elevated shot from the rail yards toward the port. View is from above a line of freight cars in the rail yard. Debris lies piled along the line of cars to the far right of the picture. Several men stand on top of one of the cars, while several more stand amid the metal debris below. Another line of rail cars loaded with uniform loads of large forms stands on a parallel set of tracks. In the distance is the grain elevator, a smokestack, two large water towers and the loading structures at the port. Heavy smoke clouds blowing left to right can be seen coming from the port area. The number "#3" is written in the lower right hand corner.
Date: April 16, 1947