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[The Altar Monument in Memorial Park in Texas City]

Description: A close-up view of the Altar memorial at Memorial Park in Texas City. A stone book lies open on a stone altar. On the front of the memorial is engraved "In memoriam those who lost their lives in the Texas City Disaster of April 16, 1947". On the back of the photograph is typed "A stone altar was part of the original cemetery and remains as part of the restoration and enhancement completed in 1991."
Date: 1991

[Col. Hugh B. Moore and Army officers]

Description: Five Army officers in uniform and three civilian gentlemen in suits stand in front of an industrial building. The officer second from the left is identified on the back of the photograph as "General Harboard [or perhaps Harbvard] ." Col. Hugh B. Moore, in civilian clothes stands next to him on the right. On the back of the photograph is written :"No. 1 - General Harboard 2- H B Moore". The General is most likely James G. Harbord, variously spelled as Harboard in some reference sources.
Date: unknown

[Col. Hugh B. Moore and guest at the cabin]

Description: Col. Hugh B. Moore, dressed in hiking clothes, sits on a rock slab in front of the Moore cabin at the Rainy Day Ranch. Behind Col. Moore is an outside fireplace with a large stone chimney. A piece of folk art can be seen above the fireplace. An unknown man, also dressed in hiking clothes, sits to the left of Col. Moore.
Date: unknown

[General Frederick Funston]

Description: Photograph is a portrait of a U.S. army office wearing a full dress uniform two stars on shoulder epaulets and "U.S." designation on collar. The photo appears to be an official Army officer portrait, taken from mid-chest up and in slight profile. Wording on photo back: "B Funston, Frederick #32." Funston commanded the 2d Division, U.S. Army in Texas City.
Date: unknown

[James Franklin Bell]

Description: A formal portrait of James Franklin Bell in a civilian, three-piece suit. Wording on front of photo in script (apparently a facsimile of Bell's signature): "J. F. Bell". Wording on photo lower left corner: "G[?]ianca Fonti". A symbol composed of a small "s" and a capital "F" is located directly under the name.
Date: unknown

[A portrait of a young Helen Edmunds Moore]

Description: A portrait of Helen Edmunds Moore as a teenager. She wears a long-sleeved white blouse with large cuffs over her long sleeves and a long white skirt. A pocket watch is pinned to her blouse and a small piece of jewelry is pinned at her neck. She stands with her right hand held behind her back. On the matte frame of the photograph is printed "Naschke 15th & Church Sts. Galveston, Texas."
Date: unknown
Creator: Naschke

[A portrait of Helen Edmunds Moore]

Description: A formal portrait of Helen Edmunds Moore looking toward the left. Mrs. Moore is seated in an upholstered chair with arms. She holds an open book in her hand, and wears a single strand of pearls, a brooch and a bar pin, over a pleated skirt ensemble. She is wearing a short hairstyle, pinned back on the sides. From other photographs and the style of the clothes Mrs. Moore is wearing, it appears that this portrait was taken during the period of her service with the Texas Legislature (1928-1936).
Date: unknown
Creator: Naschke

[Helen Edmunds Moore in her later years]

Description: A close-up photograph of Helen Moore in her later years. Mrs. Moore is wearing a tweed coat over a sweater. She is sitting down and has a black purse by her side. She wears a black beret-type hat and is wearing glasses. On the back of the photograph is written: "Taken by Dr. Verrett."
Date: [1962..1968]
Creator: Verrett, Dr.

[The Angel statue at Memorial Park honoring the Texas City firefighters lost in the 1947 Texas City Disaster]

Description: A close-up photograph of the Italian marble angel statue in Memorial Park which honors the Texas City firefighters killed in the 1947 Texas City Disaster. An angel stands on a pedestal with an inscription which is covered by a bouquet of flowers sitting on the ground. Behind the statue, part of the reflecting pool and another monument can be seen. On the back of the photograph is the following caption: "An Italian marble angel honors the Texas City Firefighters lost in the explosion."
Date: 1960~