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[On the road to supper in the summer of 1914]

Description: Four young men and five young ladies are gathererd along a road in a wooded area. The women are dressed in long white dresses and hats. The men are dressed in suits and boaters. One man, sitting on the ground, holds a large white box. The left-most woman holds a string to another long box, or perhaps a lease on an unseen pet. On the back of the postcard is written: "Summer 1914 on the road to supper" and "Lee McCaughn, W.R. Blocker, Evalyn Davidson, Elisha Meyers, Emma Webster, Henry Foster, Pauline Landrum, Paul Hayes, Sceu [?], Lucile Davidson".
Date: 1914

[A portrait of Mark Anizan in uniform]

Description: A formal portrait of Mark Anizan in U.S. Army uniform with an arm resting on the back of a wooden seating unit. At the bottom of the postcard is written: Photographie D'Art et Industrielle, Andre Esquiro, 136 Rue Sainte Catherine Bordeaux". On the back of the postcard is written: "To Tony, Laura, and the family, with love from Mark Anizan". In another handwriting is written: "Mr Tony Anizans brother".
Date: [1914..1917]

[A portrait of Willie Wedell & John Anizan]

Description: A formal portrait of two men. The man on the left, identified on the back as Willie Wedell, is sitting on a stool. The man on the right, identified as John Anizan, is standing with his right hand resting on the other man's left shoulder. Both men are dressed in two-piece dark suits with white dress shirts and bowties. Their jackets are open. John Anizan wears a pocket watch clipped to his jacket lapel and a pen or pencil in his jacket pocket. On the back of the postcard is written: "Dear Sister This Picture was taken when I come from worke Dont I look bored I got fired last night and put Back to work again Wel BYBY Wm. J. Wedell." The postcard is stamped "Savannah Photo Co. 24 E. Broughton Savannah Ga." It is addressed to Mrs. A. Pike Texas City Texas. The card is postmark stamped: "May 28 1913 5 - PM Savannah Ga." Written in ink over the back of the postcard are " X John Anizan brother of Tony" and "X Willie Wedell."
Date: May 28, 1913
Creator: Savannah Photo Co.

[A portrait of a young Helen Edmunds Moore]

Description: A portrait of Helen Edmunds Moore on a postcard trimmed to smaller size. To the right of the portrait is handwritten "Kansas City 1901." Helen Edmunds is wearing a white long-sleeved blouse and a long dark skirt. She has a black ascot at her neckline. She is wearing a large black hat with a white brim. The hat has a black bow on the right side.
Date: 1901