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[The Moore family home]

Description: A frontal view of the home of Col. Hugh B. Moore and Helen Edmunds Moore in Texas City. The home is a two-story brick home. Four large sets of windows open onto a second-story porch. Five large brick pillars and a large front porch are visible on the ground level. A trimmed hedge with a gate fronts the house. Large flowering trees are visible in the side yard at the right, and a large palm tree and another smaller tree and some bushes are visible in the front yard. Two automobiles are parked along the curb in front.
Date: 1920~

[Helen Edmunds Moore in her later years]

Description: A close-up photograph of Helen Moore in her later years. Mrs. Moore is wearing a tweed coat over a sweater. She is sitting down and has a black purse by her side. She wears a black beret-type hat and is wearing glasses. On the back of the photograph is written: "Taken by Dr. Verrett."
Date: [1962..1968]
Creator: Verrett, Dr.

[Col. Hugh B. Moore and General John J. Pershing]

Description: General John J. Pershing (on the left) and Col. Hugh B. Moore (on the right) are standing together on an open field or parade ground. Both men are in military uniform. General Pershing wears a military overcoat, while Col. Moore does not. In the background are a number of unidentified buildings, made of stone or brick. Some have two stories.
Date: [1912..1919]

[Col. Hugh B. and Helen Moore with an unidentified couple]

Description: A photograph of Col. and Mrs. Moore with two unidentified people standing in front of bushes near a multi-storied commercial or institutional building. From left to right the individuals are: Col. Hugh B. Moore, dressed in a dark suit and bow tie and holding a straw hat; Helen Edmunds Moore with her arm through Col. Moore's arm; an unidentified man dressed in a dark suit and tie and wearing a hat, and an unidentified woman in a white dress and hat with her arms behind her back.
Date: [1935..1939]

[Agusta Regan]

Description: A portrait of Agusta Regan, who appears to be about six or seven years of age in this photograph. She has her hair cut short, and is wearing a muslin dress with collar, cuffs and sash of white, white socks and black button-up shoes. On the back of the photograph is written: "Agusta Regan daughter of Mrs. M. Regan".
Date: [1910..1930]

[Bob Wedell]

Description: Bob Wedell, dressed in a white shirt, dark pants and tie, stands with one hand on his hip outside. Behind him can be seen a house, some trees and a fence. There is a black area on the print from the left center to the center bottom of the image.
Date: [1900..1903]

[Col. Hugh B. and Helen Moore taking a walk]

Description: Helen Moore, wearing dark pants and a dark shirt, and Col. Hugh B. Moore, wearing a long-sleeved dark shirt, dark pants, a hat, and no tie, hold hands while out for a walk on wooded slopes. The photograph was probably taken at the Moore's Rainy Day Ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico. A small wooden bridge, crossing an arroyo, can be seen behind Mrs. Moore.
Date: [1933..1939]

[City Hall on Sixth Street in Texas City]

Description: A photograph of the City Hall of Texas City, which was located at 519 N 6th St. in Texas City. The two story building is decorated with flags and banners. A large number of people are gathered in front of the building, and many automobiles are parked on both sides of the street in front of the building.
Date: [1920..1925]

[Col. Hugh B. and Helen Moore in front of their cabin in New Mexico]

Description: A casual portrait of Helen Edmunds Moore and Col. Hugh Benton Moore standing in front of their log cabin at their Rainy Day Ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mrs. Moore is on the left wearing denim jeans and a print short-sleeved shirt. Col. Moore is on the right wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and bow tie. On the back of the photograph is written "At their camp in N Mexico".
Date: 1930~/1939~

[Col. Hugh B. Moore relaxing near the cabin]

Description: Col. Hugh B. Moore, smoking a pipe, sits in a wooden rocker in front of the Moore cabin in New Mexico. Col. Moore wears knee-high hiking boots, a long-sleeved shirt, and a hat. Near the corner of the cabin, on the far left, an unidentified young woman sits in a free-standing glider/swing shaded by an awning. The cabin sits at the bottom of a mountain, and the mountainside covered with scrub and some trees can be seen behind the cabin.
Date: [1935..1939]

[Col. Hugh B. Moore in uniform]

Description: Col. Hugh Benton Moore [1874-1944], in regular Army uniform with field jacket, stands in front of the porch of a brick and stone building. Based on the uniform and other photographs in the collection, this photograph was taken sometime between 1910 and 1920. (Col. Moore served in World War I in the U.S. Army).
Date: [1910..1920]