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[Jimmy Wedell and Edith Wedell]

Description: A woman in her late twenties or early thirties, dressed in a plain, long, white dress stands next to a boy of about ten. The boy is dressed in a long-sleeved white shirt, knickers and a tie and wears no shoes or socks. On the back of the photograph is written: "Jimmie Wadell [sic, corr: Jimmy Wedell] & Mother Edith."
Date: 1910~

[A portrait of Mark Anizan in uniform]

Description: A formal portrait of Mark Anizan in U.S. Army uniform with an arm resting on the back of a wooden seating unit. At the bottom of the postcard is written: Photographie D'Art et Industrielle, Andre Esquiro, 136 Rue Sainte Catherine Bordeaux". On the back of the postcard is written: "To Tony, Laura, and the family, with love from Mark Anizan". In another handwriting is written: "Mr Tony Anizans brother".
Date: [1914..1917]

[On the road to supper in the summer of 1914]

Description: Four young men and five young ladies are gathererd along a road in a wooded area. The women are dressed in long white dresses and hats. The men are dressed in suits and boaters. One man, sitting on the ground, holds a large white box. The left-most woman holds a string to another long box, or perhaps a lease on an unseen pet. On the back of the postcard is written: "Summer 1914 on the road to supper" and "Lee McCaughn, W.R. Blocker, Evalyn Davidson, Elisha Meyers, Emma Webster, Henry Foster, Pauline Landrum, Paul Hayes, Sceu [?], Lucile Davidson".
Date: 1914

[The Southern Hotel in early Texas City]

Description: A front view of the Southern Hotel in early Texas City. The hotel is a large structure with three stories, and has porches along parts of the lower two stories. An early automobile is parked in front of the hotel. A horse-drawn carriage can be seen near the right side of the hotel. The roadway in front and alongside the hotel is dirt. To the left of the hotel is a one-story wooden house.
Date: [1911..1920]

[Florence Davison's first party on Dec. 17, 1913]

Description: Photograph of twelve young girls gathered around a table holding a large cake. Two older girls and one younger girl stand at the end of the table. The other girls are seated around the table, which is decorated. The girls are dressed up, and a number of them wear bows or ribbons in their hair. The table appears to be in a dining room with floor length drapes. Special plates are displayed on top of wooden cabinets lining the walls between the windows. On the back of the photograph is written: "Florence's first party Dec. 17 1913."
Date: December 17, 1913

[An Easter Egg hunt at the Davison home in 1913]

Description: At least six children of varying ages look for Easter eggs on the lawn at the Davison home. Six men, dressed in dark suits, and one woman wearing a white shirtwaist and long white skirt stand near the children watching. The woman holds an infant. Two of the children hold baskets. On the back of the photograph is written: "1913".
Date: 1913

[Agusta Regan]

Description: A portrait of Agusta Regan, who appears to be about six or seven years of age in this photograph. She has her hair cut short, and is wearing a muslin dress with collar, cuffs and sash of white, white socks and black button-up shoes. On the back of the photograph is written: "Agusta Regan daughter of Mrs. M. Regan".
Date: [1910..1930]

[A portrait of Willie Wedell & John Anizan]

Description: A formal portrait of two men. The man on the left, identified on the back as Willie Wedell, is sitting on a stool. The man on the right, identified as John Anizan, is standing with his right hand resting on the other man's left shoulder. Both men are dressed in two-piece dark suits with white dress shirts and bowties. Their jackets are open. John Anizan wears a pocket watch clipped to his jacket lapel and a pen or pencil in his jacket pocket. On the back of the postcard is written: "Dear Sister This Picture was taken when I come from worke Dont I look bored I got fired last night and put Back to work again Wel BYBY Wm. J. Wedell." The postcard is stamped "Savannah Photo Co. 24 E. Broughton Savannah Ga." It is addressed to Mrs. A. Pike Texas City Texas. The card is postmark stamped: "May 28 1913 5 - PM Savannah Ga." Written in ink over the back of the postcard are " X John Anizan brother of Tony" and "X Willie Wedell."
Date: May 28, 1913
Creator: Savannah Photo Co.

[A portrait of Miss Lavinia Engle]

Description: A photograph of Miss Lavinia Engle as a young woman. She is wearing a dark lace-trimmed dress and her hair is in a braid, wrapped around her head. On the back of the photograph is written: "Miss Lavinia Engle Organizer for the National Women Suffrage Assn 1913 Please return to Mrs. Helen Moore Texas City" On the bottom of the photograph is stamped: "National Women Suffrage Press Bureau, 505 Fifth Ave. New York City."
Date: 1913

[Loading a passenger ship in Texas City in 1915]

Description: A large passenger ship is docked with the gangway down. Three black men are loading barrels onto the ship. Another man stands on the dock watching them. Farther down the dock, a small group of people stands near other dockside equipment near the boat. The passenger ship has two stories of cabins. Two individuals stand near the railing on the lowest level watching the action on the dock. Below the bottom edge of the print on the cardboard backing is written in cursive writing: "Texas City - Aug 19th, 1915 - Two days after the storm." In the lower right hand corner of the photograph "Naschke Galveston" is embossed.
Date: August 19, 1915

[At the port in Texas City on August 19, 1915]

Description: A view of one of the slips at the Texas City port. To the left a large cargo ship is anchored, with another ship directly behind it. On the right of the photograph, in the lower right corner, is the tugboat named J. W. Terry of Galveston. Behind it can be seen a dock and dock warehouse, with several dock workers visible. Behind it, at the end of the dock is a barge and another ship. In the lower right hand corner, embossed lettering reads "Naschke Galveston." Underneath the photograph, written in longhand, is "Texas City - Aug 19th 1915 - Two days after the storm".
Date: August 19, 1915

[At the port in Texas City on August 19, 1915]

Description: A large cargo ship is anchored along a dock in Texas City. To the right of the ship, on the dock, several railroad freight cars are pulled up alongside the ship. In the right foreground, the railroad car bears the markings "STILMAS 18217". Four groups of two men each are gathered along the dock, talking or observing. The grain elevator is visible behind the ship. In the lower right hand corner in raised lettering is "Naschke Galveston." Underneath the photograph in longhand is written: "Texas City Aug. 19th-1915 - Two day [corr: days] after the storm."
Date: August 17, 1915

[At the port in Texas City on August 19, 1915]

Description: A tugboat, the J.W. Terry of Galveston, can be seen in the lower right of the photograph near the dock warehouses. Products can be seen on the dock, and at least four dockworkers are visible in front of the warehouses. Farther down this wharf are two other ships. On the left side of the picture, a large cago ship is docked. Down the dock on this side, at least two other ships can be seen. On the bottom of the picture in cursive writing is written: "Texas City Aug 19th 1915 - Two days after the storm." In the right hand corner of the picture, "Naschke Galveston" is embossed.
Date: August 19, 1915

[A portrait of Col. Hugh B. Moore in uniform]

Description: A portrait of Col. Hugh B. Moore in Army uniform. The portrait has no background, but is mounted in the center of tan cardboard stock mat with an embossed stamp in the lower right corner reading "Photographie Victor Hugo 130 Avenue Victor Hugo." The folded cover paper has a round stamp affixed on the front which reads "Rancoule, Paris, 130 Av. Victor Hugo." The portrait was apparently taken in Paris, France during Col. Moore's service on General Pershing's staff.
Date: [1914..1919]
Creator: Rancoule

[Aerial view of Texas City after the 1915 hurricane]

Description: An aerial view of part of Texas City after the 1915 hurricane. The Oklahoma Hotel is in the foreground of the picture. A building in back of the hotel has been demolished and lies in ruins on the ground. Other buildings in the photograph, including houses and other larger buildings, do not show visible structural damage. An automobile is driving on a wide road, across from the hotel, at the lower left of the photograph. In the lower right hand corner, the following information has been written on the photograph : Texas City Texas 9-28- Photo copyrighted 1915 by Martin Blandford 1542 Williams St. Denver, Colo."
Date: September 28, 1915

[Aerial view of Texas City after the 1915 hurricane]

Description: An aerial view of Texas City, looking toward the grain elevator and the smokestack, after the 1915 hurricane. One and two story houses are laid out along a grid of dirt roads. Damage to fences and some outbuildings is visible. About mid-photograph, a large one story building has had its roof heavily damaged, and about half the building has collapsed. In the distance on the horizon can be seen the grain elevator, the smokestack and the water tower. This photograph is believed to be one of several copyrighted in 1915 by Martin Blandford of Denver Colorado.
Date: September 28, 1915

[The Moores in Taviche, Mexico in 1910]

Description: Three women and two men, dressed in good clothes, stand in front of a brick or stone building. The bearded gentleman on the far left is dressed in a dark three-piece suit and holds a cane. Next to him stands a young woman dressed in a white shirtwaist, long white skirt and a straw hat. In the middle is an older woman dressed in an ankle-length dress and wearing a long balck mantilla. To her right is a younger man dressed in a three-piece dark suit, wearing a hat. At the far right is Helen Edmunds Moore, wearing a hat, a white long-sleeved blouse and a long dark skirt. She is carrying a purse. On the back of the photograph is written: "Father Moore, Mother Moore, Essie Monday, Ratin [sp.?] Moore, Helen Moore, Taviche 1910."
Date: 1910

[A portrait of Col. Hugh B. Moore in military uniform]

Description: A formal portrait of Col. Hugh B. Moore in his Army uniform showing his service medals. Col. Moore has his arms crossed in front and wears a leather shoulder strap as part of the uniform. He has three service medals pinned above the left breast pocket of his uniform tunic. In the lower right corner, below the portrait, is written: "Naschke Galveston".
Date: [1917..1920]
Creator: Naschke

[Election poster for the first Texas City election in 1911]

Description: A photographic reproduction of a campaign poster for the first city elections for the city of Texas City, held on Saturday, September 16, 1911. The poster reads as follows " Vote for W. P. Tarpey for mayor H. M. Coats and F. B. Davison for commissioners for a greater Texas City and a square deal for all Election Saturday, September 16th, 1911". At the bottom of the poster is printed "Fred F. Hunter, Printer, Galveston." The poster has no graphic decoration or color, and is printed in black and white letters.
Date: September 16, 1911

[Helen Moore with a young girl in Mexico in 1910]

Description: Helen Moore holds two round objects, possibly melons, at shoulder height. At her feet is a dog or a goat lying on the ground, being patted by a young girl, approximately 10 years old. Mrs. Moore is standing in a dirt clearing with a large building of some sort down below and behind her. Trees and scrub are visible. A small metal burner of some sort is in the far right of the picture, resting on the ground.
Date: 1910