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[The Southern Hotel in early Texas City]

Description: A front view of the Southern Hotel in early Texas City. The hotel is a large structure with three stories, and has porches along parts of the lower two stories. An early automobile is parked in front of the hotel. A horse-drawn carriage can be seen near the right side of the hotel. The roadway in front and alongside the hotel is dirt. To the left of the hotel is a one-story wooden house.
Date: [1911..1920]

[Texas City harbor in 1919]

Description: A photograph of the port of Texas City from the docks in 1919. A one story wooden building with a lean-to porch is in the foreground. To the left, up the shoreline, a horse-drawn wagon stands near a series of small boats. A number of men, piles of boxes and kegs, are on the wooden wharves alongside the small boats. Beyond the small boats is a tug boat. On shore, a loading crane stands near an Ice wagon. On the other side of the slip, large cargo ships are at anchor. In the lower left hand corner of the photograph is written "Texas City Tex. Copyright E. E. Schlueter".
Date: 1919

Troops at Texas City, Tex.

Description: A large number of soldiers in uniform are gathered in small groups in a field engaged in a variety of tasks. A group of three soldiers is standing in the foreground with hands on hips or in pockets, looking at something off to the right of the photo. Another soldier stands near them facing away from the camera. Wording on photo front: "Troops at Texas City Tex."
Date: [1913..1915]

Twenty-sixth Infantry Band now at Texas City

Description: Twenty three soldiers in uniform stand in two rows in a semicircle holding brass and woodwind musical instruments. Metal music stands are arranged in front of the soldiers. Another soldier stands facing the camera in front of a music stand while holding a musical conductor's baton in one hand. Wording on photo front :"26t Inf. Band. Texas City Higby Photo."
Date: [1913..1915]
Creator: Higby