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Council Fire, Handbook of McMurry College, [1970]

Description: The Council Fire is the student handbook of McMurry College in Abilene, Texas and includes information about the rules and regulations of the school as well as general information about student governance and campus life.
Date: [1970]
Creator: McMurry College
Item Type: Book

[Photograph of Linda Adams]

Description: Photograph of Linda Adams standing in the snow on the McMurry College campus. She is holding a golf club in one hand, and a pole stuck in the ground in the other.
Date: [1970..1985]
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of Students Dressed for Halloween]

Description: Photograph of three McMurry College students dressed up for Halloween. The woman to the left is wearing fake fangs, the student in the middle is wearing a clown costume, and the woman to the right is wearing overalls with a flower in her hair and freckles onto her cheeks.
Date: [1970..1987]
Item Type: Photograph