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Council Fire, Handbook of McMurry College, 1975-1976

Description: The Council Fire is the student handbook of McMurry College in Abilene, Texas and includes information about the rules and regulations of the school as well as general information about student governance and campus life.
Date: 1975
Creator: McMurry College
Item Type: Book

[Photograph of Mary Glover]

Description: Photograph of student Mary Glover sitting in a chair and holding a musical score in her hand. A flier advertising McMurry University's theatre productions for the 1975-1976 school year is taped to the wall to the right.
Date: [1975..1976]
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of Raymon Bynum]

Description: Copy negative of Raymon Bynum wearing a suit and tie. Bynum graduated from McMurry College in 1950, was awarded an honorary doctorate from McMurry in 1975, and was named a Distinguished Alum in 1984. Bynum also served on the McMurry Board of Trustees.
Date: 1975
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of Student Studying Law Books]

Description: Photograph of a McMurry College student, identified only as Thomas, seated at a desk with several large law books open in front of him. Three or four other books are stacked below the open books, and there is a telephone to the right.
Date: [1975..1985]
Item Type: Photograph