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[Portrait of Rosemary Wallace]

Description: Portrait of Rosemary Wallace, the director of the Dyess Air Force Base Program and an associate professor of Sociology at McMurry University.
Date: [1995..1996]
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of Window Exhibit Case]

Description: Photograph of a window exhibit case outside of the Public Relations Office in Old Main. This picture was taken prior to renovation. A clock hangs on the wall in the upper left of the image.
Date: 197u
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of Andrew Hunt at Desk]

Description: Photograph of Andrew Hunt sitting at his desk, visiting with another person. Hunt was the head of the Education and Psychology Department of McMurry College in the 1950's.
Date: 195u
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of Jere Lawrence]

Description: Photograph of Jere Lawrence (September 26, 1933-February 20, 2010), who was McMurry University's 1993 Distinguished Alum. Lawrence earned a Bachelor of Business degree from McMurry.
Date: 1993
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of Jay-Rollins Library]

Description: A photograph of the front of the Jay-Rollins Library at McMurry University in Abilene, Texas. Several people stand and sit on the walkway leading to the library's front doors and steps.
Date: 200u
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of McMurry University Chanters Officers]

Description: Photograph of the officers of the McMurry University Chanters. There are four female students in the front row, and five male students standing behind them. They wear academic regalia, including a stole with the letters MCM.
Date: 196u
Creator: Hutcheson, Don
Item Type: Photograph