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[Photograph of Interior of a Dormitory]

Description: A photograph of the interior of one of the student dormitories at McMurry University in Abilene, Texas, showing part of the living room and kitchen area. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph, which refers to the Martin Residence Hall and the James Winford Hunt Memorial Residence Hall, reads "Martin or Hunt? Which?"
Date: [1950..1969]

[Photograph of Vernie Newman]

Description: Photograph of Vernie Newman. Newman was a Professor of Spanish and History at McMurry College from 1927-1968. She became head of the History Department in 1951, and retired as Associate Professor Emeritus in 1968. She was given an honorary doctorate by the college in 1985.
Date: [1950..1965]

[Portrait of H. Doyle Ragle]

Description: A photograph of H. Doyle Ragle, visible from the chest up. Ragle was a Methodist minister and served as Superintendent of the Abilene, Texas, District of the Methodist Church. A handwritten note on the back reads, "H. Doyle Ragle, Superintendent of the Abilene District of the Methodist Church."
Date: [1950..1970]

[Young Men Run On the Sand]

Description: Photograph of four young men running and crawling away from the camera on a sandy area. Two of the young men are wearing suits, and two are wearing dress shirts and pants. On the left side of the photo, another person's foot is just barely visible. There is text reading, "Rex Mauldin 1950" on the bottom border of the photo, and a "7360" on stamped on the back.
Date: 1950