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[Photograph of Unidentified Man]

Description: A portrait of an unidentified man, tentatively identified as a McMurry University faculty member from the 1920s or '30s, wearing a suit with a striped necktie.
Date: [1923..1940]
Item Type: Photograph

[Portrait of J. E. Shewbert]

Description: A photograph of J. E. Shewbert as a student at McMurry University. Shewbert received his B.A. degree from McMurry College in 1931 and eventually served on the McMurry Board of Trustees.
Date: [1923..1940]
Item Type: Photograph

Bulletin of McMurry College, August [1923]

Description: Bulletin describes the schedule for a special, four-day, free session for farmers at McMurry College during August 1923 and includes information about the staff who will present on topics in agriculture and home economics.
Date: [1923-07]
Creator: McMurry College
Item Type: Pamphlet

Bulletin of McMurry College, [1923]

Description: Bulletin describes the governance, faculty, course offerings, and campus life of McMurry College in Abilene, Texas.
Date: August 1923
Creator: McMurry College
Item Type: Book

[McMurry College Opening Program]

Description: Program for McMurry College in Abilene, Texas for the first formal opening on September 20, 1923, describing the order of events and persons involved.
Date: September 1923
Item Type: Text

[Photograph of McMurry Opening Day Ceremonies]

Description: Photograph of the McMurry College Opening Day Ceremony. A featured singer sings the song "America," and students watch in the auditorium. The image has been cut in a scallop design, and is on a brown mat.
Date: September 20, 1923
Item Type: Photograph

[McMurry College Department of Fine Arts Recital Program]

Description: Program for the McMurry College Department of Fine Arts recital. Performers include Cecile Bishop, Pearl Jefferies, Bessie Dean, Helen Rush Beeler, Alice Cross, Lena V. Kiker, Martha Medley, Leona Hancock, Lela Mae Skinner, Wilma Tripp, and Evelyn Robinson.
Date: December 11, 1923
Item Type: Text