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[Photograph of Conroe School Faculty]

Description: Photograph of the Conroe School faculty sitting and standing in a room. A handwritten note below the photo identifies the faculty members as (left to right): front row: M. Madeley, Lucille Yell, Birdie Uzzell; and back row: Mary Otey Sterrett, Hulon Anderson, Mrs. Lulu McComb, J. T. Terry.
Date: [1907..1908]

[Photograph of Conroe Public Schools Faculty, 1923-1924]

Description: Photograph of the 1923-1924 Conroe Public Schools Faculty sitting and standing outside of a building. A note below the photo identifies the people as (left to right) bottom row: Lillian McGuire, Janie Smyth, Maude Gilmore (Bell), Ethel Ross, Hulon N. Anderson, Beth Parrish, Agnes Hopson, Mary Alice Beazley (Hunt), Auline Baker (Roy Phinney); top row: Emory Anderson, Eddie Burgess, Kathleen McCall, Esther May Morris (Creighton), Ila Rice (Hummel), Edgar Koen, R. W. Runyan, Mattie Bess Anderson (Simonton), Mary Agnes Wahrenberger (Harritt), Birdie Uzzell (Pitts), Mittylene, Matthews, Elizabeth Turney, and Clara Knight.
Date: [1923..1924]

[Photograph of Mechanical Drawing Class of 1923-1924]

Description: Photograph of students and their instructor standing and sitting at desks in a classroom. A note below the photograph indicates that the class is a Mechanical Drawing Class and identifies the people (with handwritten numbers on them) as 1. Ivan Kuykendall, 2. Carl Hicks, 3. Frank Hill Elmore, 4. Fay Cable, 5. Dave James, 6. Regan Smith, 7. Mr. C. E. Koen (Instructor), 8. Joe, 9. Myron Coleman, 10. Sidney Arnold, 11. Winifred Weisinger, 12. George, 13. Floyd Stewart, 14. Pat, 15. John, 16. Nilon, 17. Rufus Hoke, 18. Edward, and 19. George Lewis Anderson.
Date: [1923..1924]

[Photograph of Crockett and Houston Schools Faculties, 1929-1930]

Description: Photograph of the Crockett and Houston Schools faculty members of 1929-1930, standing outside of a brick building. A note below the photo identifies the individuals as (left to right): first row: Mrs. Birdie Pitts, Mrs. Leona Blackman, unknown, Agnes Hopkins, Lillian McGuire, Ethel Ross, Monte Timmons, Kathryn Koonce; second row: B. B. Rice, Mary Agnes Harritt, Eddie Burgess, Marvin Mimms, unknown, Garnett Evans, Ruth Cable, unknown; and third row: Floyd Blackman, unknown, Clara Knight, Ella Earthman, Hulon Anderson, Mittylene Matthews, Ercelle Knight, Monetta Rollo, unknown.
Date: [1929..1930]

[Photograph of Travis Faculty, 1944-1945]

Description: Photograph of the members of Travis faculty, sitting in chairs in a large room. A note below the image identifies some of the individuals: on the front row, 2. Doris Brogdon, 3. Hazel Thomas, 4. LuDelle Adams, 8. Jessie Ruth Rigs, 9. Natalie Russell, and 10. Evangeline Bevers; and on the back row, 1. Francis Stoneham, 2. Lillian Lewis, 8. Hazel Briggs, 11. Amy Lee Holt, 12. Maude Rell, 13. J. T. Montgomery, and 15. W. T. Wilson.
Date: [1944..1945]

[Photograph of a Group of People]

Description: Photograph of a group of people wearing dark clothes standing in front of a brick wall outside. A note below the image indicates that the photo is associated with Conroe Public Schools and identifies the people as (left to right): top row: unknown, Miss Turner, Mrs. Maude Gillmore Bell, Minnie Williamson, Petway Jones, Hulan Anderson, Mrs. Gertrude Paileer Lierman; and bottom row: Mrs. Runyon, Mr. Runyon, Janie May Smith, Helen Jones, Miss Elizabeth Turney, and Mrs. R. C. Carter.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Conroe Public School Students]

Description: Photograph of students and a teacher of Conroe Public Schools, taken outside of a building with a table in the middle, stacked with jars filled with preserves. A note below the photo identifies some of the students: on the top row, 6. Lois Madely (first married Wagers, second marriage to Thompson) and bottom row, 2. Lillie Kayser (married Butler), 3. Sybil Grogan, 5. Be Be Cochran, and 6. Delila Hudspeth.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Conroe School Faculty]

Description: Photograph of the Conroe School faculty sitting and standing on the steps of the school. A note below the image identifies them as (left to right) front row: unknown, Clara Knight, unknown, John Gilpin, Hulon Anderson, unknown, Dorothy Rice, B. B. Rice; middle row: Evangeline Bevers, Sophie Williams, Louise Whitely, Ursala Angel, Nellie Harrell, Gertrude Petts, Nancy Beth Weisinger, Karl Fischer; and back row: unknown, Joe Lagow, Wayne Burnam, Monetta Rollo, Cliff Hardy, Morris Cloninger, Francis Stoneham.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of School Faculty]

Description: Photograph of members of a school's faculty standing on the front porch of the school. A handwritten note on the back of the photo identifies them as (left to right) back row: Clara Knight, Ella Earthman, unknown, Hulon N. Anderson, unknown, A. W. Runyon, unknown; and front row: unknown, Mary Agnes Wahrenberger, unknown, Elizabeth Turney, and the rest unknown.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Stained Glass Window Memorials]

Description: Photograph of two stained glass windows with the initials "CAS" at the top of them. The window on the right has a panel that says: "Ada Jane Ailey, Born September 13th 1900, Graduated June 6th 1915, Died June 6th 1924," and the window on the left says: "Eugenia Bradley, Born December 2nd 1904, Graduated June 1st 1921, Died February 3rd 1925."
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Students]

Description: Photograph of students standing on the front steps of a school. A handwritten note below the photo identifies the school as Conroe Public School, and the students as (left to right) back row: Gladcell Cochran, Gladye Cochran, Ruth Howell, Ruby Howell, Florence Hedgecock, Lawrence Hedgecock; second row: Cleburn Ellis, Claburn Ellis, Adolph Masterson, Rudolph Masterson, Loyce Kensala, Boyce Kensala, Morris Lockhart, Horace Lockhart; and first row: Joyce Neil, Loyce Neil, Nolan Johnson, Dolan Johnson, Melba Faye Fruzia, Elva Maye Fruzia, Emory Jefferson, Avery Jefferson, Muriel Waltrip, and Margaret Waltrip.
Date: unknown