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[Audrey Kariel and Truitt at a Library Gathering]
Audrey Kariel, Project Director for the building of Marshall Public Library, shares a joke with Truitt at a library function.
[Bill Moyers, Young Journalist]
A young Billy Don Moyers smiles from the pages of a yearbook. Starting as a teenage newspaper reporter in his home town of Marshall, Texas, Moyers rose to national prominence as a high-level aide in Lyndon B. Johnson's administration. He later changed from print to television journalism, broadcasting news commentary and creating special subject documentaries. Now he is known simply as Bill Moyers; but he has never forgotten his roots.
[Celebration Dinner for Supporters of a New Library]
Supporters who worked to realize a dream for a new Marshall Public Library were honored at a celebration dinner on October 19, 1973, two days before the official opening of the building. George Olincy, chairman of the Andrew Norman Foundation, speaks to the group at the Holiday Inn Motel. The Foundation gave a challenge grant to the Friends of a Public Library. Originally the offer was for $125, 000, but it grew to $175,000. To the right in the picture is Fenn Lewis, who chaired the successful fund drive for the Friends. Others are unidentified.
[Children's Summer Reading Activity at the Library]
The 1980 summer reading program at Marshall Public Library finished with a picnic for the children.
[Donation Toward a New Public Library]
During the early 1970's, various organisations contributed toward the building of a new public library in Marshall, Texas. In this newspaper photo, Fenn Lewis, fund drive chairman, accepts a donation from Johnny Barkett.
[First Lady Supports New Library]
Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, right, former First Lady and a native of Harrison County, met with Fenn Lewis, left, president of the Marshall Friends of a Public Library, at the LBJ Library in Austin. Mrs. Johnson was honorary chairwoman of the National Gifts and Grants Committee of the Marshall Public Library Building Fund Drive. She and Lewis met to review plans for the new facility, which opened in October, 1973.
[Friends Award First Membership Card]
In this newspaper file photo, the Friends of a Public Library in Marshall, Texas award their first membership card. From left to right are Ken Duggins,City Manager, Tony Bridge, the first president of Friends, and Audrey Kariel, Friends Executive Board member.
[Friends Examine Library Book]
Members of the Friends of a Public Library organization in Marshall, Texas examine a new library reference book in this publicity photo. Seated, left to right, are Fenn Lewis, Nancy Brown Conwell, and Jim Ivey. Standing, left to right, are Tony Bridge and Dick Brassell.
[Friends President Motivates Library Supporters]
Mrs. Charles McKenzie, president of the Gladewater Friends of a Public Library, came to Marshall to speak to local Friends about beginning the drive for a new Marshall public library building.
[Kariel Family Celebrates Library Opening]
Louis and Audrey Kariel, with their children Nancy and son(unknown name) are shown at the reception for the opening of the new Marshall Public Library in 1973. Mr. Kariel is a former chairman of the Library Board of Trustees. Mrs. Kariel was a trustee and the Project Director for the building of the new library. Both have continued to be strong supporters of library development.
[Librarian Demonstrates Equipment]
Steve Horton, Marshall Public Library Director(at center), demonstrates equipment to interested visitors.
[Library Benefactor George Olincy]
George Olincy, benefactor to the Marshall Public Library building project. He was chairman of the Andrew Norman Foundation and offered a challenge grant toward a new library building to Audrey Kariel, Project Director. He suggested that the challenge be given to the Friends of a Public Library rather than the city of Marshall. The Friends were able to match the challenge. The cooperation of the city, the library trustees, and the Friends ensured a successful building project that has been a source of civic pride.
[Library Benefactress, Virginia Gold Olincy]
Mrs. George (Virginia Gold) Olincy of Los Angeles, California, was a trustee of the Andrew Norman Foundation that gave a challenge grant toward the building of the Marshall Public Library. As a former librarian, she was interested in this particular project for her home town of Marshall. The auditorium in the new library was named in memory of her parents, Mose and Etta Gold.
[Library Director]
Mrs. Dorothy Morrison, Library Director from 1970-1984, in her office at the new Marshall Public Library. She was the city library's first director, commuting from her home town of Hawkins. Following her death, the newspaper-on-microfilm collection was dedicated to her memory.
[Library Staff]
Staff member Rita Huck types accession records for new books at the Marshall Public Library.
[Library Staff and Trustee]
Ms. Jane Harris, Marshall Public Library assistant, observes as Mr. James Hodges, Trustee, signs documents.
[Library Staff Member]
Library clerk Mrs. K. Parker assisted at Marshall Public Library during the 1970's decade.
[Library Workroom]
A library clerk (name unknown) is busy in the Marshall Public Library workroom during the 1970's.
[Marshall Public Library's Circulation Desk]
A volunteer at Marshall Public Library's circulation desk, assists a patron to check out materials.
[Officials Announce Challenge Grant for New Library]
Supporters of a new library for Marshall, Texas announced the offer of a challenge grant from the Andrew Norman Foundation. Shown are Mrs. Audrey Kariel and Kenneth Abney. The sign overhead marks the site of the old Marshall Public Library at the corner of West Austin and Franklin streets.
[Shelving Books at the Library]
One of the daily duties in a library is shelving books. Here a student worker and another volunteer in the next aisle are keeping the stacks in order at Marshall Public Library, c. 1980.
[Technology at the Library c1980]
A library assistant (unidentified) used a filmstrip projector at Marshall Public Library, c1980. Libraries change with technology. The filmstrip projector was a common piece of audio-visual equipment before the advent of the video player/recorder.