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[Children's Summer Reading Activity at the Library]
The 1980 summer reading program at Marshall Public Library finished with a picnic for the children.
[Library Director]
Mrs. Dorothy Morrison, Library Director from 1970-1984, in her office at the new Marshall Public Library. She was the city library's first director, commuting from her home town of Hawkins. Following her death, the newspaper-on-microfilm collection was dedicated to her memory.
[Library Staff]
Staff member Rita Huck types accession records for new books at the Marshall Public Library.
[Library Staff Member]
Library clerk Mrs. K. Parker assisted at Marshall Public Library during the 1970's decade.
[Library Workroom]
A library clerk (name unknown) is busy in the Marshall Public Library workroom during the 1970's.
[Shelving Books at the Library]
One of the daily duties in a library is shelving books. Here a student worker and another volunteer in the next aisle are keeping the stacks in order at Marshall Public Library, c. 1980.
[Technology at the Library c1980]
A library assistant (unidentified) used a filmstrip projector at Marshall Public Library, c1980. Libraries change with technology. The filmstrip projector was a common piece of audio-visual equipment before the advent of the video player/recorder.