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[Audrey Kariel and Charles Spangler Celebrate Opening of Marshall Public Library]

Description: Mrs. Audrey D. Kariel, Project Coordinator, and Martin Spangler, Chairman, celebrate the new Marshall Public Library at the formal reception on October 20, 1973. Mrs. Kariel relates "Martin was an inspirational leader. Every agenda carried a quote with motivation. My favorite was 'Your ship cannot come in unless you send some out.' We had to send out many ships to build the new MPL."
Date: 1973

[Celebrants at the Dedication of the New Marshall Public Library]

Description: Audry D. Kariel, Library Building Project Coordinator, with friend Janice Levy and Rabbi Richard Zionst at the dedication of the new Marshall Public Library building on October 21, 1973. Rabbi Zionst gave the invocation at the dedication ceremony, a choice which reflected the amount of financial support and hard work invested by the Marshall Jewish community in the new building.
Date: 1973

[Celebrating the Opening of Marshall Public Library]

Description: Celebrating at the October 20, 1973 reception for the opening of the new public library building in Marshall, Texas are Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kariel (left and right) and Tony Bridge (center). Mr. Bridge was the owner of KMHT radio station and was the first person to support Mrs. Kariel when she publicly stated the need for a public library.
Date: October 20, 1973

[Children Help to Move Library]

Description: When the Marshall Public Library was founded, it had its first home at the corner of West Austin and Franklin streets (now the Chamber of Commerce building). Books from a lending library belonging to Marshall Women's Clubs became the core of the new collection. Approximately 25 children helped to move this core collection from its old home at 112 East Austin St.
Date: 1973

[Flag Presentation]

Description: The first flag to fly over the new Marshall Public Library was flown over the Capitol before being presented to the library by the Ladies Auxiliary of the VFW Post 3969. The gift was made possible by Congressman Sam B. Hall of Harrison County. Three members of the Army National Guard are shown raising the colors at the formal presentation ceremony.
Date: 1973

[Library Benefactors at Marshall Opening]

Description: Library benefactors greet other library supporters at the reception for the new Marshall Public Library on October 20, 1973. Third from left is Mrs. George Gold Olincy, then her sister Mrs. Bernice Gold Kranson, fourth from left, and then Mr. George Olincy, right. The Mose and Etta Gold auditorium at the library was named for the Gold's parents.
Date: October 20, 1973

[Library Supporter Earns Accolades]

Description: Mrs. Audrey Kariel, who was Project Director for the building of the new Marshall Public Library in 1973, holds a plaque awarded for her work. The event occured in the library's Gold auditorium on its opening weekend, October 20, 1973. Mrs. Kariel said the plaque was "A suprise [for her] - recognizing her work to make the MPL's dream come true."
Date: October 1973

[Marshall Library Supporter Displays Dedication Program]

Description: In 1973 the Marshall Public Library received the "Library Project of the Year" award from the Texas State Library Association. The dedication ceremony for the new library was held on Sunday, October 21, 1973. At a reception on the Saturday night before, Nancy Kariel displays the dedication program. The program cover shows the artist's rendering of the architect's concept. Inside is the history of the drive from 1969-1972 to construct a new library; the order of ceremony; lists of officers, boards, and committees; and two pages recognizing the individuals and organizations which contributed substantially to the project.
Date: October 20, 1973

[Marshall Public Library Building Project Coordinator]

Description: Mrs. Audrey Kariel, Project Coordinator, stands in front of the wall plaque giving recognition to the founders of the new Marshall Public Library building, which opened in 1973. Mrs. Kariel also served as chairwoman of the library Board of Trustees and was an organizer of the Friends of a Public Library group that was instrumental in building the library. She dedicated seven years to making the library a reality.
Date: c. 1973

[New Flag for a New Library]

Description: Members of the Army National Guard raise the new flag in front of the new Marshall Public Library at formal presentation ceremonies. The flag previously flew over the Capitol, and was a gift arranged by Congressman Sam B. Hall, Jr. through the Ladies Auxiliary of VFW Post 3969.
Date: 1973

[Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for Marshall Public Library]

Description: The Opening of the new Marshall Public Library was headlined in the Marshall News Messenger newspaper article shown here. Mrs. Bernice Gold Kranson, standing left, was assisted by Mrs. Jane Treister, standing right, in the ribbon-cutting. Other dignitaries and scouts attend. The opening was Sunday, October 21, 1973. The building has been in continual use as a library since that day.
Date: October 1973

[Roses Presented]

Description: Mrs. Audrey Kariel, second from right. was congratulated for her role in the successful library building project with a spray of roses. She was the Projector Director for the drive to building the Marshall Public Library.
Date: 1973