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[Children Playing Jump Rope]

Description: Photograph of a group of African-American children play a jump rope game. Five girls and two boys are in the group, while a man and two women watch. One girl holds the rope, while another runs to jump into the game. The person at the other end of the rope is not visible.
Date: unknown

[Singleton's Cafe in Marshall]

Description: Singleton's Cafe in Marshall dates at least from the 1940's to 1975. It was owned by African-American businessman A. J. Singleton. There were two cafes during the early years: one located on N. Wellington in the downtown area, and this building located at 1203 W. Grand (Hwy 80). By 1957, there was only the W. Grand cafe pictured here. The building is a one-story structure either built of concrete block or faced with composite siding. Lettering on the window at right appears to be "CAFE." Other windows have printed matter in them. A wing extends from the left side. Both facades are shaded with metal awnings. The building appears as though unoccupied at the time of this picture.
Date: unknown

[Oldest Nursing Home Resident, Mrs. Izoria Malone]

Description: Mrs. Izoria Malone was listed as 113 years old on records at the Harrison County Nursing Home when she was admitted there on January 29, 1974. She was possibly the second oldest resident in a United States nursing home at that time, and was certainly the oldest in the county. She died June, 1976 at the of 115. Article from The Marshall News Messenger newspaper, no date, reprinted in book, The Black Citizen and Democracy: Black Culture in Harrison County, Past, Present, and Future. Marshall Public Library, 1976, p. 86.
Date: 1976

[Modern House in Marshall]

Description: A modern ranch house in Marshall, from the 1950-1970 era. The house is brick, with a low brick wall at the front of the yard. The house has a hipped roof on the visible portion, a one-car garage, and a "picture" window near the entrance, which is shaded by a shed porch attachment. A Ford Mercury automobile sits in front of the garage. A lamp post and some other decorative objects are in the yard and around the entrance. Some bare tree suggest the winter season.
Date: unknown

[Sutton Home in Marshall]

Description: The Sutton bungalow in Marshall has been adorned with wrought iron columns and railings. It is located at 704 W. Grand. The house was first the home of Charles H. and Eva Patterson. He owned the Palace Pharmacy on the Marshall Square. By 1949 both the house and the pharmacy were owned by A. S. and Addie L. Jackson. From 1957 to the current year, the home's owners have been listed as Walter L. Sr. and Sammie Sutton, teachers in the public schools.
Date: unknown

[New Harrison County Courthouse]

Description: The newer Harrison County Courthouse in Marshall, Texas. The four-story modern structure was built at the intersection of W. Houston and S. Wellington streets in 1964. It stands across the street from the old Harrison County Courthouse built in 1900. The old and the new, close together.
Date: unknown

[Birmingham Department Store, Marshall]

Description: Birmingham Department Store in Marshall was located at 205-207 and 213 N. Wellington Street from 1967 or 1968 to 2001 or 2002, according to city directories. The picture is from the 1970's. Other businesses are located there now. The store was owned by Samuel A. (Sam) Birmingham and his wife Jean, a school teacher and administrator. Both Birminghams were also civic leaders. Sam Birmingham was Marshall's first African-American mayor. Mrs. Birmingham served on the city commission after her retirement.
Date: unknown

[Grand Avenue West, Marshall]

Description: Marshall 's W. Grand Avenue (Hwy 80) at intersection with Grove St. The highway has been widened from two lanes to six since the early days. At one time, stately Victorian homes lined the avenue; only a few remain, and now it is primarily commercial. Turning right on Grove will put the driver on FM 1997 north, as the sign indicates.
Date: unknown

[Old Harrison County Courthouse]

Description: The old Harrison County Courthouse is the fourth, erected in 1900 to replace the third one which burned in 1899. This view is of the north and east facades, during the 1960's or 1970's. Houston St., which circles the square on its east-west route, is in the foreground. Three parking lots adjoin the square on the north, east, and west sides of the courthouse, which accounts for the large number of automobiles. At the extreme left edge of the picture, the corner of the seven-story Hotel Marshall can be seen.
Date: unknown

[P. D. Johnson Bungalow in Marshall]

Description: The P. D. Johnson bungalow in Marshall received some changes during the last half of the twentieth century, such as the modern windows in the sun porch and the wrought iron on the front porch. The origin of the house is unknown. It is noted as the long-time residence of Pinky D. Johnson, Marshall educator. She purchased the house with her husband, Charley Johnson. They are known to have lived there during the 1940's and 1950's. After his death, she married Dr. F. E. Williams, and continued to occupy the house until her death in 1963. The house has had several other occupants since that time.
Date: unknown

[Bungalow in Marshall]

Description: This unidentified bungalow in Marshall has the Craftsman architecture, with the decorative brackets and exposed rafter ends under the eaves, and the trio of small windows in the front-facing gable which covers a porch supported by square half-columns set on brick piers.
Date: unknown