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[Civic leaders at the Marshall Public Library Opening Reception]
Civic leader Carolyn Abney and her mother attended the formal reception for the opening of Marshall Public Library in 1973.
[Audrey Kariel and Truitt at a Library Gathering]
Audrey Kariel, Project Director for the building of Marshall Public Library, shares a joke with Truitt at a library function.
[Medical Assistants Support Library Friends Group]
The Harrison County Medical Assistants Society was the first organization to have 100 percent participation in the Friends of Marshall Public Library's membership drive. The Friends group was formed c1967 to raise support for a new library building. Their first activity was the drive. Pictured at left is Mrs. J. C. Gullion, a member of the membership committee. Other women are unidentified.
[Friends Examine Library Book]
Members of the Friends of a Public Library organization in Marshall, Texas examine a new library reference book in this publicity photo. Seated, left to right, are Fenn Lewis, Nancy Brown Conwell, and Jim Ivey. Standing, left to right, are Tony Bridge and Dick Brassell.
[Library Supporters Applaud Achievement]
Library supporter Carolyn Abney, right, and an unidentified man applaud an achievement at a meeting in Marshall. Behind them is a flag and an artist's rendering of the new public library building, which was complete in 1973.
[Bill Moyers, Journalist]
Bill Moyers, journalist, speaks at a benefit for the Marshall Public Library during the 1976 bicentennial. Moyers was raised in Marshall, Texas. He occasionally returns to speak and support various issues or events that are significant to him.
[Flag Presentation]
The first flag to fly over the new Marshall Public Library was flown over the Capitol before being presented to the library by the Ladies Auxiliary of the VFW Post 3969. The gift was made possible by Congressman Sam B. Hall of Harrison County. Three members of the Army National Guard are shown raising the colors at the formal presentation ceremony.
[New Flag for a New Library]
Members of the Army National Guard raise the new flag in front of the new Marshall Public Library at formal presentation ceremonies. The flag previously flew over the Capitol, and was a gift arranged by Congressman Sam B. Hall, Jr. through the Ladies Auxiliary of VFW Post 3969.
[Dr. A. F. Veau, Marshall Public Library Supporter]
Dr. A. F. Veau was a member of the executive board of the Friends of a Public Library in Marshall, Texas. In 1978 he was installed as the president of the Friends group. He had also been active in promoting the new library building, which opened in 1973. For many years he kept scrapbooks that detailed the history of the establishment and progress of the library as well as the Friends.
[Two Library Supporters, Tony Bridge and Carolyn Abney, Celebrate a New Library]
Radio station owner Tony Bridge and civic leader Carolyn Abney attended the reception for the opening of the new Marshall Public Library in 1973.
[Donation Toward a New Public Library]
During the early 1970's, various organisations contributed toward the building of a new public library in Marshall, Texas. In this newspaper photo, Fenn Lewis, fund drive chairman, accepts a donation from Johnny Barkett.
[Celebrating the Opening of Marshall Public Library]
Celebrating at the October 20, 1973 reception for the opening of the new public library building in Marshall, Texas are Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kariel (left and right) and Tony Bridge (center). Mr. Bridge was the owner of KMHT radio station and was the first person to support Mrs. Kariel when she publicly stated the need for a public library.
[Mose and Etta Gold Auditorium in Marshall Public Library]
The room is the Mose and Etta Gold Auditorium at Marshall Public Library. The room is set up for a meeting with red, white, and blue metal chairs before a low dais. On the dais are the American flag and a grand piano. The room is available to the public and has been used for many functions since the library was built in 1973.
[Bill Moyers Promotes Libraries]
Bill Moyers, national journalist, was raised in Marshall. During the 1976 Bicentennial celebrations, he returned to Marshall to speak about the value of libraries.
[Let's Read]
Price T. Young students in Marshall, Texas select books on a RIF distribution day at the Marshall Public Library. The library has participated in the "Reading is Fundamental" program since the 1970's. The program provides funds under a matching grant which the library uses to purchase books to distribute to children free of charge.
[Lions Host Fish Fry to Benefit Marshall Public Library]
The Lions Club of Marshall hosted a fish fry in April, 1972 to benefit the Marshall Public Library Building Fund. Harrison Forbes, club president, stands with Martin Spangler, who headed the fund-raising drive for the Friends of the Public Library. The two men stand in front of the Lions Club's banner; in front of them are promotional placards in the shape of fish on a string.
[Donation to Library]
Many individuals and groups donated to the building fund for the new Marshall Public Library from 1969-1973. In this newspaper photo, Tommy Thomas of a local veterans group presents a check to a member (unidentified) of the Friends of a Public Library, which spearheaded the movement for the library.
[Exterior View, Marshall Public Library]
An automobile is parked outside Marshall Public Library's north entrance on Fannin St.
[Marshall, an All-America City]
During the nation's celebration of its Bicentennial, certain cities around the country received a designation as "All-America City." Marshall, Texas was one such city. In this newspaper photo from the Marshall News Messenger, Chamber of Commerce president Tony Bridge displays the All-America City plaque and makes the announcement through radio and television microphones shown in foreground. Unidentified dignitaries stand behind him.
["Miss Marshall" Helps Kick Off Fund Drive for a New Library]
"Miss Marshall" Celia Choate presents a plaque to Mrs. Thomas R. (Elderleen) Coker to commemorate the creation of the Friends of a Public Library Association in Marshall, Texas. This event inaugurated a Friends fund drive of several years duration to build a new public library building. The new Marshall Public Library opened in 1973.
[Three Celebrants at the Library Opening, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry (Sallie) Gullion, and George Olincy]
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry (Sallie) Gullion pose with George Olincy, Andrew Norman Foundation Chairman and library benefactor. at the celebration for the new Marshall Public Library in 1973.
[Friends Award First Membership Card]
In this newspaper file photo, the Friends of a Public Library in Marshall, Texas award their first membership card. From left to right are Ken Duggins,City Manager, Tony Bridge, the first president of Friends, and Audrey Kariel, Friends Executive Board member.
[New Television Equipment Shown at the Library]
A television camera records as Dr. Worden, second from right, demonstrates a television audio-visual setup. Other men in the photo are unidentified.
[Quilting Club]
A group of ladies in Marshall, Texas quilts a patchwork pattern the old-fashioned way, hand-stitching across a quilting frame. The women and the name of their group are unidentified.
[Pioneer Artifacts Display at the Library]
Millie Crawford shows off a pioneers artifacts display at Marshall Public Library.
[Opening Marshall's First McDonald's]
At the grand opening of the first McDonald's in Marshall, Texas, Mrs. Audrey Kariel performed the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony as McDonald's officials, John Gehl and Gerald Stiles, look on. Attached to the ribbon were 100 one dollar bills, which were presented to Mrs. Kariel as a donation to the Marshall Public Library building fund. Mrs. Kariel was a member of the library board of trustees and a director of the Friends of a Public Library group that spear-headed the fund drive.
[Television at the Library]
A new television, c1973, was part of Marshall Public Library's audio-visual equipment.
[Children Help to Move Library]
When the Marshall Public Library was founded, it had its first home at the corner of West Austin and Franklin streets (now the Chamber of Commerce building). Books from a lending library belonging to Marshall Women's Clubs became the core of the new collection. Approximately 25 children helped to move this core collection from its old home at 112 East Austin St.
[Truck Transports Books to New Library]
When the new Marshall Public Library was built in 1973, a box truck transported sacks of books from the old library to the new site.
[Children Select Free Books at the Public Library]
Children select books at Marshall Public Library during a RIF distribution day. The library has participated in the national program, Reading Is Fundamental, since its beginning. The program provides free books to elementary age children under a matching grant.
[View of Library Workroom, Marshall]
A view of the Marshall Public library's workroom, c1984, shows a "COM TERMINAL" piece of viewing equipment on the table in foreground. At the right of the terminal is a catalog card drawer. Storage pieces are visible in the background.
[Visitor Speaks to Library Supporters]
A visitor speaks to early library trustees during the drive to build support for a new library. The drive culminated with the opening of Marshall Public Library in 1973. The women pictured with the visitor (unidentified) were library trustees Audrey Kariel, seated; and standing left to right Sally Gullion, Elderleen Coker, and Lou Gaw. The place for this meeting was the old library building on Austin Street, now the Chamber of Commerce building.
[Ward Plaza Apartments, Marshall]
Ward Plaza Apartments in Marshall, Texas is located at 1603 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The street is shown in the foreground.
[Belaire Manor Apartments, Marshall]
Belaire Manor Apartments is a complex located at 1400 A Julie in west Marshall. Two buildings are shown.
[Library Supporters Gather]
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mann gather at a library function.
[Equipment at Marshall Public Library]
Equipment in the early years of Marshall's new library, 1973-1984, included a laminator, left, and an unidentified machine, right.
[RIF Distribution at the Library]
Marshall Public Library has participated in the Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) program since the 1970's. In this program, books are distributed free to children. The books are provided by matching grants.
[Children's Storytime at the Library]
Children's storytime at Marshall Public Library usually includes a story with crafts or music. In 1978 the story was occasionally presented by slides, filmstrip, or 16mm film, if licensing permitted.
[Library Clerk Processes Books]
Library clerk Naomi Rhea processes books in the workroom at Marshall Public Library. At the time of the photograph, c1984, Mrs. Rhea used a typewriter for typing accession records. Within a few years, the typewriter was replaced by the microcomputer.
[Standard Equipment to Circulate Library Materials in the 20th Century]
An area of Marshall Public Library provided for circulation equipment used during the library's eary years, c1976. Shown right to left are a typewriter for making book cards, a charging machine to print due date cards electronically, and a card tray. Shelves provide a ready reference area.
[Young Patron Tries Out Library's New Audio Equipment]
A young patron tries out the library's new audio equipment.
[Library Assistant Tends Circulation Desk]
A library assistant, unidentified, tends the circulation desk at the new Marshall Public Library.
[Marshall Public Library Supporters, Dr. Greg Beil and a Friend]
Dr. Greg Beil and a Friend of the library (unknown) talk together at a meeting in support of Marshall Public Library.
[Children at a Library Picnic]
Children enjoy a picnic provided by Marshall Public Library at the conclusion of the summer reading program, c1976. The event was held on the library grounds and included traditional games such as races. Children and adults (background) in the picture are unidentified.
[Kariel Family Celebrates Library Opening]
Louis and Audrey Kariel, with their children Nancy and son(unknown name) are shown at the reception for the opening of the new Marshall Public Library in 1973. Mr. Kariel is a former chairman of the Library Board of Trustees. Mrs. Kariel was a trustee and the Project Director for the building of the new library. Both have continued to be strong supporters of library development.
[RIF Program at the Library]
Children select books at the RIF distribution which Marshall Public Library has hosted since the beginning. The Reading Is Fundamental program is a matching grant which provides free books to elementary-age children through public libraries. Children in the photo are unidentified.
[Head Start and Day Care Center, Marshall]
The Carter Street Head Start and Day Care Center was located at 611 South Carter St. in Marshall at the time of this photograph, taken between 1965-80.
[Boy Races at the Games Day]
An unidentified young boy races across the grass at a picnic and games day which concluded the summer reading program at Marshall Public Library, c1976.
[Processing Area in the Library]
Volumes of books are in various stages of processing in the workroom at Marshall Public Library.
[Library Assistant Gives Snacks to Children]
A library assistant gives snacks to children as part of a Marshall Public Library program. The assistant and children are unidentified. The library has maintained active children's programming since its beginning.