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[Library Assistant Checks out Books to a Patron]
At Marshall Public Library, a library assistant checks out books to a library patron. Both women are unidentified.
[Equipment at Marshall Public Library]
A portable television waits for use at Marshall Public Library during the early years from 1973-1984. The television sits on an audio-visual cart with an early videocassette player-recorder on the shelf below.
[Truck Transports Library Books]
When Marshall Public Library was built, a truck was used to transport materials from one site to another, c1973. The load here consisted of bags and boxes of donated items which the community was encouraged to contribute.
[Valued Library Assistant, Naomi Rhea]
Naomi Rhea, a valued library assistant at Marshall Public Library, attends her duties in the workroom.
[Class Meets at Library]
A career education class meets in the Gold Auditorium at Marshall Public Library. The auditorium was equipped with the latest audio-visual technology when the library was built in 1973. This class, meeting in 1978, made use of that technology shown in the picture. The auditorium has been in demand almost continuously for many purposes since the library was built.
[Special Letter Service]
A library staff person (unidentified) types letters at the Marshall Public Library in 1978.
[Filmstrip Projector]
A filmstrip projector (35mm) was a standard piece of audio-visual equipment in schools and libraries, beginning c1965. This model belonged to Marshall Public Library, which was built in 1973. The filmstrip projector was replaced by videocassette and VHS player-recorder technology.
[Children's Summer Reading Activity at the Library]
The 1980 summer reading program at Marshall Public Library finished with a picnic for the children.
[Library Director Dorothy Morrison with a Small Patron]
Dorothy Morrison, early director of the Marshall Public Library, shows a toy to a young patron during the Christmas season. The library is shown festively decorated for the holidays.
[Child Tearfully Receives a Prize]
A girl cries as she receives a stuffed toy prize at the conclusion of Marshall Public Library's summer reading program, c1976. The child and a library volunteer stand on the stage in the library's Gold auditorium. The child and adult are unidentified.
[Program Features Bill Moyers at the Marshall Public Library]
Bill Moyers waits to be introduced at a Marshall Public Library program during the nation's Bicentennial in 1976. Mr. Moyers, a favorite son of Marshall, Texas, returned to speak about the value of libraries to democracy.
[Adults Watch over the Children at the Picnic]
A library assistant, left, and a chaperone, right, keep a watchful eye at the children's play day which concluded the summer reading program at Marshall Public Library, c1976. The picnic and games were held on the library's grounds that year.
[Library Circulation Desk Staff]
Two library staff members, unidentified, discuss business at Marshall Public Library's circulation desk in 1978.
[Child Races at the Picnic]
A small boy races toward a finish line as other children wait their turn. An adult appears to stand in the right foreground. The event was a picnic and games day which concluded the summer reading program at Marshall Public Library, c1976.
The new bookmobile at Marshall Public Library, c. 1978, is readied for use by two helpers (unidentified).
[Children Race at the Picnic]
A picnic with games on the library grounds concluded the summer reading program at Marshall Public Library, c1976. A girl races across the grass as an adult cheers her on while other children wait their turn.
[Library Storage Cabinets]
These cabinets in the reference area of Marshall Public Library were a storage aid planned at the building of the library. They have been used for storage of art prints, audio tapes, and other items that are not readily stored elsewhere. The top of the cabinets and the wall above have provided display space for two and three dimensional items on exhibit.
[Children Register for RIF Distribution at the Library]
Children register their choices after selecting books at RIF distribution day. The Marshall Public Library has participated in the Reading Is Fundamental program since its beginning.
[Reading and Math Programs at the Library]
During the 1973-1985 decades, Marshall Public Library had "System 80" reading and math programs. The interactive programs helped students develop their reading and math skills.
[Audio Recordings File at the Public Library]
Marshall Public Library stored the LP (long-playing) recordings in their own files which were made for the purpose. This type of audio recording existed for a substantial part of the 20th century, and was current when the library was built in 1973.
[Periodicals Displayed at the New Library]
The new Marshall Public Library Building, which opened in 1973, had a generous magazine and newspaper display area.
[Head Start Class, Marshall]
A Head Start class in Marshall was photographed on the front steps of their facility with their teachers, unidentified.
[Equipment at Marshall Public Library]
Equipment that was essential at Marshall Public Library duriing the 1970s-1980s decades was stored on the this counter in the library workroom. Shown from left are a television, some videocassette boxes, filmstrip and slide boxes, a slide projector, and a calculator.
[Children's Stories Featured in Art]
An art display in the children's area at Marshall Public Library featured images from stories.
[Library Assistant Supervises Picnic]
An unidentified library assistant supervises the picnic which was part of the play day at Marshall Public Library during the 1970's. The play day concluded the library's summer reading program that year.
[Recordings at Marshall Public Library]
Before audiocassttes, there were long-playing (LP) recordings on 12-inch vinyl disks. Marshall Public Library had a collection of them, primarily recordings of music, that were displayed from a wooden bin. Behind the bin are art prints that also circulated at the time, 1973-1990.
[Art Prints at the Public Library]
When Marshall Public Library was established in 1973, wall cabinets provided storage and display space for a circulating art print collection.
[Shelving Books at the Library]
One of the daily duties in a library is shelving books. Here a student worker and another volunteer in the next aisle are keeping the stacks in order at Marshall Public Library, c. 1980.
[RIF Day at the Library]
A child selects books from the RIF distribution at Marshall Public Library. The library has participated in the national Reading Is Fundamental program since its beginning. A matching grant program, it provides elementary age children with free books. An important element is that the child selects books of his/her own choosing.
[Equipment at Marshall Public Library]
During the 1980's decade, equipment at Marshall Public Library included portable televisions and videotape recorder/players. In the photograph, a television sits on an audio-visual cart with the videotape machine below Nearby another television sits on a counter.
[Shelving Duty at the Library]
An unidentified library assistant performs her shelving duty at Marshall Public Library during the 1970's.
[Children's Event at the Public Library]
Children line up for a game at the picnic which was the closing activity of the summer reading program sponsored by the Marshall Public Library.
[Children Play Games at the Library Picnic]
An adult moves to help a small child enter a game on play day at Marshall Public Library. A picnic and games activity concluded the library's summer reading program, c1976. All persons in the photo are unidentified.
[Patron Checks Out Art Prints]
Jane Harris, library assistant, checks out one of Marshall Public Library's art prints to a patron (unidentified).
[Nursing Home in Marshall]
Marshall Manor Nursing Home is located at 1007 S. Washington Ave. in Marshall. The photograph dates from 1970-1985.
[Children Play Games at Summer Reading Program]
At the end of the summer reading program by Marshall Public Library during the late 1970's, the activity was a picnic and play day. In this photo, unidentified children gather in a circle to begin a game.
[Nursing Home in Marshall]
Merritt Plaza Nursing Home is located at 207 W. Merritt St. in Marshall. This photograph was taken c1970-1985.
[Library Director]
Mrs. Dorothy Morrison, Library Director from 1970-1984, in her office at the new Marshall Public Library. She was the city library's first director, commuting from her home town of Hawkins. Following her death, the newspaper-on-microfilm collection was dedicated to her memory.
[Nursing Home in Marshall]
Colonial Park Nursing Home in Marshall was located at 509 S. Grove St. at the time of this photograph, c1984.
[Library Volunteer Tends Circulation Desk]
A library volunteer, unidentified, tends the circulation desk at Marshall Public Library during the 1970's. At that time, libraries used book cards, due date cards, and charging machines to check items in or out. The process required considerable time to sort and file the book cards by date. In addition, patron cards had to be made. Volunteers gave countless hours to the library to tasks like these.
[Children's Picnic Concludes Summer Reading Program]
Only one girl, unidentified, does not seem to enjoy the picnic provided as a conclusion to the Marshall Public Library's summer reading program. The picnic was held on the library grounds. An adult and three children in the background are also unidentified in this slide from the 1970's. One person, possibly adult, is hidden at left.
[Board Room at Marshall Public Library]
The board room at Marshall Public Library is used for the Board of Library Trustees meeting and other small group meetings. A plaque on the wall honors library benefactors.
[Library Staff Member]
A library staff member, unidentified, stands in the staff lounge of the Marshall Public Library. She worked with the children's summer reading program. The door to the workroom is at right.
[Listening Station in Library's Children's Area]
A listening station is ready for use in the children's reading area at Marshall Public Library. Cushions provide seating around a low table. In the center are power plugs, audio plugs, and earphones. A rug underneath the area sets the space apart. Stacks with children's books are visible at left and a long table with benches at right is child-size. A window with curtains controls light at the rear.
[Children Picnic at the Public Library]
Children were treated to a picnic and games on the grounds of Marshall Public Library at the end of the summer reading program. Several children, unidentified, are shown enjoying their picnic lunch.
[Equipment at Marshall Public Library]
A microfilm machine, c1975, sits on a table, ready for use at the Marshall Public Library.
[Playing the Piano for Story Time]
A library assistant (unidentified) plays the piano in the Gold Auditorium at Marshall Public Library. Music is a frequent activity during storytime at the library.
[Library Benefactress, Virginia Gold Olincy]
Mrs. George (Virginia Gold) Olincy of Los Angeles, California, was a trustee of the Andrew Norman Foundation that gave a challenge grant toward the building of the Marshall Public Library. As a former librarian, she was interested in this particular project for her home town of Marshall. The auditorium in the new library was named in memory of her parents, Mose and Etta Gold.
[Technology at the Library c1980]
A library assistant (unidentified) used a filmstrip projector at Marshall Public Library, c1980. Libraries change with technology. The filmstrip projector was a common piece of audio-visual equipment before the advent of the video player/recorder.
[Dorothy Morrison, First Director of the Marshall Public Library]
Mrs. Dorothy Morrison was director of the new Marshall Public Library from 1970 to 1984. She was responsible for several innovations at the library. The newspaper-on-microfilm collection is named in her memory.