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[Opening Marshall's First McDonald's]

Description: At the grand opening of the first McDonald's in Marshall, Texas, Mrs. Audrey Kariel performed the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony as McDonald's officials, John Gehl and Gerald Stiles, look on. Attached to the ribbon were 100 one dollar bills, which were presented to Mrs. Kariel as a donation to the Marshall Public Library building fund. Mrs. Kariel was a member of the library board of trustees and a director of the Friends of a Public Library group that spear-headed the fund drive.
Date: 1972

[Visitor Speaks to Library Supporters]

Description: A visitor speaks to early library trustees during the drive to build support for a new library. The drive culminated with the opening of Marshall Public Library in 1973. The women pictured with the visitor (unidentified) were library trustees Audrey Kariel, seated; and standing left to right Sally Gullion, Elderleen Coker, and Lou Gaw. The place for this meeting was the old library building on Austin Street, now the Chamber of Commerce building.
Date: unknown

[Class Meets at Library]

Description: A career education class meets in the Gold Auditorium at Marshall Public Library. The auditorium was equipped with the latest audio-visual technology when the library was built in 1973. This class, meeting in 1978, made use of that technology shown in the picture. The auditorium has been in demand almost continuously for many purposes since the library was built.
Date: 1978

[Filmstrip Projector]

Description: A filmstrip projector (35mm) was a standard piece of audio-visual equipment in schools and libraries, beginning c1965. This model belonged to Marshall Public Library, which was built in 1973. The filmstrip projector was replaced by videocassette and VHS player-recorder technology.
Date: unknown

[Child Races at the Picnic]

Description: A small boy races toward a finish line as other children wait their turn. An adult appears to stand in the right foreground. The event was a picnic and games day which concluded the summer reading program at Marshall Public Library, c1976.
Date: unknown

[Library Director]

Description: Mrs. Dorothy Morrison, Library Director from 1970-1984, in her office at the new Marshall Public Library. She was the city library's first director, commuting from her home town of Hawkins. Following her death, the newspaper-on-microfilm collection was dedicated to her memory.
Date: 1980

[Library Volunteer Tends Circulation Desk]

Description: A library volunteer, unidentified, tends the circulation desk at Marshall Public Library during the 1970's. At that time, libraries used book cards, due date cards, and charging machines to check items in or out. The process required considerable time to sort and file the book cards by date. In addition, patron cards had to be made. Volunteers gave countless hours to the library to tasks like these.
Date: unknown