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[Antioch Baptist Church in Harrison County]

Description: Antioch Baptist Church is in the rural Leigh community of Harrison County. The location is the intersection of FM 1999 and FM 134. It was formally organized in 1866 by an African-American congregation. It began as a brush arbor. The first church, built in the 1880's, burned. The second building replaced it in 1921. This red brick building has air conditioning units enclosed in fencing on each side. The front gabled roof has a small gable above the entrance.
Date: unknown

[Art Prints at the Public Library]

Description: An art collection was on display at Marshall Public Library, date unknown. The works all have a western theme. Also visible are the library's card catalog at left, storage cabinets at right, and a reading table with red chairs in the foreground. The presence of a card catalog dates the display event between 1973-1990.
Date: unknown

[Audrey Kariel and Charles Spangler Celebrate Opening of Marshall Public Library]

Description: Mrs. Audrey D. Kariel, Project Coordinator, and Martin Spangler, Chairman, celebrate the new Marshall Public Library at the formal reception on October 20, 1973. Mrs. Kariel relates "Martin was an inspirational leader. Every agenda carried a quote with motivation. My favorite was 'Your ship cannot come in unless you send some out.' We had to send out many ships to build the new MPL."
Date: 1973

[Barber and Beauty School]

Description: Valerie Hurd's Barber and Beauty School, located at 304 Noland St. in Marshall, Texas, was a long-time business, c1955-c2001. It was first located on Park School St. and relocated to this address c1959. The building burned about 2001. This picture may date from early 1960's.
Date: unknown

[Bethesda Baptist Church, Marshall]

Description: An old photograph, date unknown but likely prior to 1897, depicts Bethesda Baptist Church of Marshall. Originally known as "Colored Baptist Church," the members renamed it about 1887 and then added the word "Missionary" during the 1980's to make the official name "Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church." Bethesda is one of the oldest African-American congregations in Harrison County, being founded in 1867 by 450 souls led by Rev. William Massey with the assistance of Rev. A. E. Clemmons, the pastor of the white First Baptist Church. The members met in Rev. Massey's home at 601 Massey St. until the construction of this one-story wooden structure, probably between 1867 and 1875. The plan included a veranda leading to the vestibule, three aisles, and colored glass in the arched Gothic windows. There was an organ, the first in Marshall, and a belfry. Outside facilities included a baptistry and a well. During 1897-1901, this structure was razed and replaced by a larger brick structure of Gothic style which later burned and was itself replaced. However the front facade of the wooden structure was incorporated into the new buildings as a link with the past. The site at 801 W. Grand (Hwy 80) has been owned continuously by this congregation since the deed was acquired in 1867. It is now listed on the "Buard History Trail" as a site significant to Marshall's African-American heritage.
Date: unknown