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[Ebenezer Baptist Church in Harrison County]
Ebenezer Baptist church is located four miles northwest of Marshall on Hwy 154. Ebenezer has a traditonally African-American congregation. It was organized in 1897.
[Ebenezer United Methodist Church, Marshall]
Ebenezer United Methodist Church in Marshall is a traditionally African-American congregation which was established in 1867 as a Methodist Episcopal Church ( as the denomination was named then). The congregation has contributed at least three bishops to Methodism. The building shown was constructed in 1958, following other structures. The sanctuary is in the right wing, joined to an education-administration wing at left whose entrance is marked by a bell tower with cross atop. The church is located at 903 Whetstone Street.
[Edwards Chapel Baptist Church]
Edwards Chapel Baptist Church is located at 1900 Olive St. on Marshall's "North Side." The congregation is traditionally African-American.
[Elderly Woman in Harrison County]
Photograph of an unidentified African-American woman posed in a wood chair on the porch of a frame building. The elderly woman wears clothing of a hundred or more years ago and has a cloth around her hair.
[End of Summer Reading Program at the Library]
In 1979 the summer reading program at the Marshall Public Library ended with a picnic and outdoor games. Here the children line up for one of the activities.
[Entrance to Greenwood Cemetery, Marshall]
The entrance to the old Greenwood Cemetery in Marshall is flanked by two stone columns with name plaques. The column on the right has a Texas Historical Marker next to it. The marker notes that the cemetery dates to 1840 and was originally a burial ground for the Van Zandt family. The Van Zandts were an East Texas founding family and Texas patriots. Later the cemetery passed into public ownership and has been used continuously. There are some gravestones of Civil War soldiers, and many others. Greenwood is located on Herndon Street, near East Texas Baptist University.
[Equipment at Marshall Public Library]
An unidentified piece of equipment sits near the back entrance of Marshall Public Library.
[Equipment at Marshall Public Library]
During the 1980's decade, equipment at Marshall Public Library included portable televisions and videotape recorder/players. In the photograph, a television sits on an audio-visual cart with the videotape machine below Nearby another television sits on a counter.
[Equipment at Marshall Public Library]
Equipment at Marshall Public Library in the early years, 1973-1990, included portable television, a slide projector, and a videocassette player-recorder. In the photo, the equipment waits for use on a counter near the rear entrance. There are also some videocassettes and slide containers.
[Equipment at Marshall Public Library]
A portable television waits for use at Marshall Public Library during the early years from 1973-1984. The television sits on an audio-visual cart with an early videocassette player-recorder on the shelf below.
[Equipment at Marshall Public Library]
Equipment that was essential at Marshall Public Library duriing the 1970s-1980s decades was stored on the this counter in the library workroom. Shown from left are a television, some videocassette boxes, filmstrip and slide boxes, a slide projector, and a calculator.
[Equipment at Marshall Public Library]
Equipment in the early years of Marshall's new library, 1973-1984, included a laminator, left, and an unidentified machine, right.
[Equipment at Marshall Public Library]
A microfilm machine, c1975, sits on a table, ready for use at the Marshall Public Library.
[European City]
This city appears to be European in architecture. It is believed to be a photograph of the city of Florence, Italy. The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore can be seen on the left edge of the image. The photo may come from a private collection in Harrison County of a travel tour.
[European Village]
A view of some alps from a window. Chalets at a distance suggest a European location. The photo is in a Harrison County collection. It may have been taken by a tour group from Marshall.
[Evans Street, Marshall]
The view shows Evans Street in Marshall where it crosses the T&P railroad tracks. Evans runs due north-south from a point beyond the city limits (present-day Loop 390) to West Grand Ave. (Hwy 80). The picture, c1970-1985, shows heavy vegetation on both sides. Two houses can be seen, one on each side of the road. The railroad crossing with the warning signs is in the foreground. Evans crosses the tracks less than two long blocks north of the W. Grand intersection.
[Exterior View, Marshall Public Library]
An automobile is parked outside Marshall Public Library's north entrance on Fannin St.
[Exterior View of M. W. Dogan Elementary School]
Photograph of the exterior of M. W. Dogan Elementary School. It is a two-story brick building, and there is a white car parked outside.
[Exterior View of Milton Williams & Son Peoples Funeral Home]
An exterior view of the Milton Williams & son Peoples Funeral Home. It is a white two-story building, with bushes and trees outside.
[Festival Booth, Marshall]
An unidentified man sits at a festival booth in Marshall.
[Field Day, Marshall]
A group hosts a field day. The participants, event, date, and location are unidentified. A table at center holds a display. Two young girls sit in front next to a sign about the event. A woman in white stands nearby. In the distance, men in uniform appear to supervise games while adults look on.
[Filmstrip Projector]
A filmstrip projector (35mm) was a standard piece of audio-visual equipment in schools and libraries, beginning c1965. This model belonged to Marshall Public Library, which was built in 1973. The filmstrip projector was replaced by videocassette and VHS player-recorder technology.
[First Lady Supports New Library]
Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, right, former First Lady and a native of Harrison County, met with Fenn Lewis, left, president of the Marshall Friends of a Public Library, at the LBJ Library in Austin. Mrs. Johnson was honorary chairwoman of the National Gifts and Grants Committee of the Marshall Public Library Building Fund Drive. She and Lewis met to review plans for the new facility, which opened in October, 1973.
[First Librarian of Marshall Public Library, Dorothy Morrison]
Mrs. Dorothy Morrison was the first director of the Marshall Public Library from 1970 to 1984. Here she is shown with the library's bookmobile in the background.
[First Membership Cards to Friends of Marshall Public Library]
According to the caption of this Marshall newspaper item, "Mrs. Max Lale, right, of the Friends of Public Library Membership Committee, presents membership cards to Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Lewis."
[First United Methodist Church, Marshall]
First United Methodist Church of Marshall stands at 300 E. Houston Street one block from the downtown square. The congregation traces its roots to a circuit-riding preacher in 1839, although they were formally organized in 1845. The church building was finished in 1861, built slaves who hand-made brick and hand-hewed the beams. The bricks have been covered with stucco as a preservative. The Greek-Revival sanctuary is to the right with its steeple containing a working carillon. The portico with its four columns was once open. The central section was later enclosed and enhanced with a large stained-glass window. The wing at left contains a gymnasium. Between the two main structures is a landscaped courtyard enclosed by two arcaded walks. The large campus occupies most of a city block, and much of it cannot be seen in the picture. At the right edge of the picture, a portion of the Hotel Marshall is visible. The church building is a recorded Texas Historic Landmark and is also entered in the National Register of Historic Places.
[Flag Presentation]
The first flag to fly over the new Marshall Public Library was flown over the Capitol before being presented to the library by the Ladies Auxiliary of the VFW Post 3969. The gift was made possible by Congressman Sam B. Hall of Harrison County. Three members of the Army National Guard are shown raising the colors at the formal presentation ceremony.
[Flag Presented to Library]
This flag flew over the Capitol before flying over the Marshall Public Library. The Ladies Auxiliary of Post 3969 presented the flag in formal ceremonies to Louis Kariel (right of flag), chairman of the library's Board of Trustees. The gift was arranged through Congressman Sam B. Hall, Jr. of Harrison County.
[Formal Portrait of an African-American Man]
An unidentified African-American man posed for this formal picture.
[Former Church in Marshall]
This church was located at the corner of Garrett and Johnson streets in Marshall. The sign at the corner of the white frame building reads, "Marshall C.O.G.I.C Pastor__McLane." This Church of God in Christ served a traditionally African-American congregation. It has been torn down.
[Former Marshall Public Library Building]
A horse and surrey stops in front of the former quarters of the Marshall Public Library in this old newspaper photo. The building and land belonged to a group of local women's clubs, which maintained a private lending library. The clubs deeded the building and land to the city for public library use. A modern new library building opened in October, 1973. Soon after, the older structure passed to the Marshall Chamber of Commerce, which still calls it home.
[Frances Blake Wallace]
Frances Blake Wallace was a noted African-American educator in Harrison and Panola Counties. Originally from Jefferson, she graduated from Bishop College in Marshall. Except for brief periods in Corsicana and Linden, she remained in the Marshall area, where she eventually became a supervisor, principal, and member of the Bishop faculty. She was also active in civic and professional organizations. She was listed in several Who's Who volumes about educators, southerners, and women.
[Fred Douglas Roland]
Mr. Fred Douglas Roland was County Agriculture Agent of Harrison County from 1926-1957. He established several innovative programs like the Sabine Farm Project. He was active in civic organisations such as the Cancer Board and Red Cross. He was also a trustee of Galilee Baptist Church of Marshall. He died in March, 1969.
[Fred Newhouse, Harrison County Olympian]
Fred Newhouse, native of Hallsville in Harrison County, won gold and silver medals in track and field at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. He was a graduate of Galilee High School
[Friend of the Library, Marshall]
A friend of the library, unidentified, was photographed in the library director's office at Marshall Public Library.
[Friends Award First Membership Card]
In this newspaper file photo, the Friends of a Public Library in Marshall, Texas award their first membership card. From left to right are Ken Duggins,City Manager, Tony Bridge, the first president of Friends, and Audrey Kariel, Friends Executive Board member.
[Friends Examine Library Book]
Members of the Friends of a Public Library organization in Marshall, Texas examine a new library reference book in this publicity photo. Seated, left to right, are Fenn Lewis, Nancy Brown Conwell, and Jim Ivey. Standing, left to right, are Tony Bridge and Dick Brassell.
[Friends Host Reception]
Three Friends or volunteers stand by a reception table at Marshall Public Library.
[Friends of a Public Library Gives Bookmobile to the City of Marshall]
Marshall, Texas, Mayor William Huffman (center) accepts the keys to the new bookmobile from Dr. A. F. Veau, (right), president of the Friends of a Public Library as City Manager Ray Jackson (left) looks on. In the background, W.C. Wallace, bookmobile driver, supervises a tour of the vehicle. Caption and photo from the Marshall News Messenger newspaper, Wednesday, April 12, 1978.
[Friends of the Library Inspect the New Bookmobile]
Lou Gaw, left, and Audrey Kariel, right, inspect the Marshall Public Library's new bookmobile. The Friends of a Public Library group acquired a motor home for the purpose. It was refurbished and re-constructed inside for library books. It was ready for use by April, 1978. According to the caption, Hallsville was the first stop on the schedule.
[Friends President Motivates Library Supporters]
Mrs. Charles McKenzie, president of the Gladewater Friends of a Public Library, came to Marshall to speak to local Friends about beginning the drive for a new Marshall public library building.
[Full Gospel Holy Temple Church of Marshall]
The Full Gospel Holy Temple Church of Marshall is located at 3949 W. Pinecrest Dr. It is traditionally an African-American congregation.
[G.A. Rosborough Home, Marshall]
The home of G.A. Rosborough, principal of Pemberton Senior High School in Marshall. Mr. Rosborough was principal there from 1944 to 1972, during the school's African-American period. He died in 1978 and his widow moved to another address. The house is located at 1802 University Ave. The location puts it within the historic African-American area of west Marshall known as the "New Town Neighborhood." The house as shown in the picture is a one-story ranch type with brick facing, large front windows covered with guards, and a roof style that could be called a modified "gambrel."
[Galilee Baptist Church in Harrison County]
Galilee Baptist Church is located in the community of Hallsville in Harrison County. It is a traditionally African-American congregation.
[Galilee Baptist Church, Marshall]
Galilee Baptist Church in Marshall is a congregation with traditional African-American roots.
[Gathering of Leaders, Marshall]
Three men gather at a podium in Marshall. One man reads a sheet of paper while another looks on. The third man is Dr. Theophilus Caviness. With his right hand raised, he appears to be reciting an oath. Microphones in the picture suggest a large meeting room. The date, place and purpose of this solemn event are unknown.
[General Store, Harrison County]
This general store is located in Jonesville, Harrison County. Jonesville was a crossroads and short-line railroad terminal during the county's early history. The store is still in existence. It carried a multitude of items for the home and farm, as this interior photo shows. The building was not modernized beyond electricity, and so has kept its nineteenth century flavor.
[The Ginocchio Hotel and Restaurant]
The Ginocchio Hotel and Restaurant is located at 700 North Washington Ave., across the tracks from the train depot in Marshall. Local entrepreneur Charles Ginocchio hired architect C. G. Lancaster to design the hotel and oversee its construction, which was completed in 1896. The structure is noted for the interior paneling and staircase of rare curly pine and other rare innovations. The hotel has undergone restoration and various uses since the heyday of railroad travel. The small brick building in the foreground is the AMTRAK ticket office. Passengers descend through a tunnel under the tracks to reach the depot and platform, which are out of sight in the picture. At the left of the picture, beyond the hotel, one can glimpse several victorian homes which add to the historic importance of the entire North Washington area.
[Ginocchop-Cook-Pedison House, Marshall]
The Ginocchio-Cook-Pedison house is located at 615 N. Washington Ave. in Marshall's Historic District. It has a Texas Historical Medallion and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Charles Ginocchio built the house in 1886 in the Victorian plan with Italianate detailing. He built the Ginocchio Hotel next door in 1896 to serve the passenger traffic on the nearby Texas and Pacific Railway line. Charles' estate sold the house to Behn and Eudora Cook. The Cook heirs sold the house to a Greek immigrant, Anthony Pedison, who with his brother James had bought the hotel in 1924. Anthony Pedison and his wife lived in the house from 1934 until recent times.
[Girls Basketball Team of Pemberton High School]
The girls basketball team of Pemberton High School in Marshall is featured in this yearbook photo, year unknown. Eighteen students in uniform are shown with two adults. The adult at right is coach. The school gym is the location of the picture.