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[N. A. Holley & Sons Grocery Market]

Description: Photograph of the interior of the N. A. Holley & Sons Grocery Market in Mesquite, Texas. Nathanial A. Holley stands behind a glass cigar display.
Date: 1932

[N. A. Holley & Sons Grocery Store Building]

Description: Photograph of the N. A. Holley & Sons Grocery Store building in Mesquite, Texas. At the time that the photograph was taken, the building was occupied by the New Look Beauty Salon.
Date: 2003~

[Anson Holley]

Description: Studio portrait of Anson Holley. He wears a suit and tie.
Date: [1920..1925]

[Anson Holley and Date]

Description: Photograph of Anson Holley and his date standing in front of an automobile. Holley is wearing a suit and fedora, while his date wears a floral dress and a cloche hat.
Date: [1926..1934]

[Armistice Day in Mesquite]

Description: Photograph of school children saluting the American flag during an Armistice Day celebration in Mesquite, Texas.
Date: 1919

[Art Greenhaw and John Glenn]

Description: Photograph of Art Greenhaw and Senator John Glenn at an event during John Glenn's exploratory bid.
Date: [1982..1983]

[Art Greenhaw, John Glenn, and John Bryant]

Description: Photograph of Art Greenhaw, Senator John Glenn, and Representative John Bryant standing in a parking lot. The photograph was taken during John Glenn's exploratory presidential bid.
Date: [1982..1983]

[Art Greenhaw Performing]

Description: Photograph of Art Greenhaw performing at the Mesquite Opry. Art is wearing a white suit coat and playing a guitar.
Date: 1981

[B. J. Smith at Reopening]

Description: Photograph of Mayor B. J. Smith speaking at the reopening of the McWhorter-Greenhaw store in Mesquite, Texas. Individuals standing behind him include Frank W. Greenhaw, Reverend Buist Wilson, and Patricia Greenhaw.
Date: 1977

[B. J. Smith Speaking to Crowd]

Description: Photograph of Mayor B. J. Smith speaking at the opening of the McWhorter-Greenhaw Store in Mesquite, Texas. From left to right are B. J. Smith, Reverend Buist Wildon, Patricia Greenhaw, Raymond Holley, Joe Gogans, Hack Wagoner, Curt Austin, and Len Gibbons.
Date: December 5, 1977

[Baby Anson Holley]

Description: Photograph of Anson Holley as an infant. He wears a white garment trimmed with lace.
Date: 1896~

C. J. Washmon and Son Grocery Store

Description: Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Washmon in front of their store on Tripp and Collins Roads. A dog is seen in the foreground and several sacks and crates are seen behind them. A sign above the grocery store reads, "Good Luck C. J. Washmon and Son Groceries."
Date: unknown

Campbell Children

Description: Photograph of three young children. Pictured are two young girls and their infant sibling. The girl on the left is wearing a long, dark coat with a bow in her hair. The girl on the right is sitting in a wicker chair with her infant sibling. Handwriting on the back of the photo identifies the three as the "Campbell Children."
Date: unknown
Creator: Harper & Company

[Children and Car]

Description: Photograph of children Patricia Ann McWhorter, Sarah Beth Shands, and Gene Shands sitting on the running board of a car.
Date: [1920..1929]

[Children in Car]

Description: Photograph of children Patricia Ann McWhorter, Sarah Beth Shands, and Gene Shands standing on the running board of a car.
Date: [1920..1929]

[Cotton Picking]

Description: Photograph of workers and children picking cotton in a field.
Date: [1881..1899]

[Downtown Businesses]

Description: Photograph of businesses in downtown Mesquite, Texas. Businesses include G. H. Brown Saddle and Harness Maker; Rugel Bros. Hardware, Wagons, and Farming Implements; E. P. and J. P. Paschall Dry Goods, Groceries, and Cotton Buyers; Lander Bros., Hass & Son, Dealers in Merchandise; G. M. Gross City Drug Store; a cotton, grain, and cotton seed store; and Tomkins & Co., General Merchandise. Horse-drawn wagons are carrying hay and grain.
Date: 1890

[Downtown Gazebo]

Description: Photograph of a band performing inside a gazebo in downtown Mesquite, Texas.
Date: April 12, 1997

Dr. and Mrs. William Cullom Wedding Photograph

Description: Photograph of a man and woman couple on their wedding day in Mesquite, TX. They are identified as Dr. William Carter Cullom and Mrs. Louella Sewell Cullom. Dr. Cullom is dressed in a dark suit and bow tie. He is seated in a chair. Mrs. Cullom is standing on the right in a wedding gown and floral head covering. Her hands are resting on her husband's shoulders.
Date: unknown
Creator: Webster, J. H.

[Elementary School Class]

Description: Photograph of an elementary school class in Mesquite, Texas. Schoolchildren stand in rows, while their teacher stands behind them.
Date: [1910..1920]

[Ellis & Allen Dry Food and Goods]

Description: Photograph of the loading area of Ellis & Allen Dry Food and Goods in Mesquite, Texas. Two men and two girls are standing on the dock, next to a shipment of shoes.
Date: [1900..1920]