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Earl White Home
Postcard of the Earle White home in the New Hope community of what is now Sunnyvale, TX. A large tree is blocking most of the house. A large, covered porch is around the entire structure. A woman holding an infant in her arms is seated on the porch, facing the camera.
Girls Holding Corn
Postcard of two girls in a rural setting holding several large ears of corn. In the background are several animal-drawn carts secured to what appear to be horses. The girls are identified as, from left to right, Mogie Callaway and Geraldine McCullough
J.F. McCullough Store
Postcard of the front of the J. F. McCullough store, located on the northeast corner of the square in Mesquite, TX. The store front reads, "J.F. McCullough, Dry Goods, Millinery, Shoes, & Clothing." A sign advertising the Hamilton Brown Shoe Company is leaning against the front of the store. A man and a woman are standing in front of the building next door.
Mr. and Mrs. Odom and Son
Postcard of a man and woman with their son. The woman is seated with the young boy. Both are wearing white clothing with large-brimmed hats. The man is standing behind the two with his hand on the woman's shoulder. The couple is identified as Mr. and Mrs. Odom.