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C. J. Washmon and Son Grocery Store
Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Washmon in front of their store on Tripp and Collins Roads. A dog is seen in the foreground and several sacks and crates are seen behind them. A sign above the grocery store reads, "Good Luck C. J. Washmon and Son Groceries."
Campbell Children
Photograph of three young children. Pictured are two young girls and their infant sibling. The girl on the left is wearing a long, dark coat with a bow in her hair. The girl on the right is sitting in a wicker chair with her infant sibling. Handwriting on the back of the photo identifies the three as the "Campbell Children."
Dr. and Mrs. William Cullom Wedding Photograph
Photograph of a man and woman couple on their wedding day in Mesquite, TX. They are identified as Dr. William Carter Cullom and Mrs. Louella Sewell Cullom. Dr. Cullom is dressed in a dark suit and bow tie. He is seated in a chair. Mrs. Cullom is standing on the right in a wedding gown and floral head covering. Her hands are resting on her husband's shoulders.
Earl White Home
Postcard of the Earle White home in the New Hope community of what is now Sunnyvale, TX. A large tree is blocking most of the house. A large, covered porch is around the entire structure. A woman holding an infant in her arms is seated on the porch, facing the camera.
Elder Ellis Brothers
Photograph of two brothers in Mesquite, TX. Both are wearing suits and have Civil War Veteran medals pinned to their lapels. They also have several other medals on the opposite lapels. The brother on the right has white hair and a beard. The brother on the left has only a mustache. They are identified as the Ellis brothers. The man on the right is identified as William Ellis. According to accompanying information, William Ellis was the grandfather of Ernest Ellis, and father of Frank Ellis. William's son Frank was the owner of Ellis and Sons store, built in the 1880s in the New Hope district of Dallas County.
Ellis Brothers
Photograph of four brothers in Mesquite, TX. All are wearing suits and ties. They are, from left to right, Tolbert Ellis, George Ellis, Frank Ellis, and Robert Ellis. The back of the photograph lists three missing siblings. They are brother Ned Ellis and sisters Lucy and Maggie Ellis.
Frank Ellis General Merchandise Store
Photograph of the exterior of the Frank Ellis General Merchandise Store the New Hope community of Sunnyvale, Texas. The general store is covered in signs and advertisements for many goods it sells. A large number of people and wagons are outside the store.
Front Street Store
Photograph of the interior of Paschall's Front Street Store in Mesquite, TX. The store is filled with display cases marketing a variety of items. Items are also hanging from wires across the ceiling. Several people are are pictured. They are, from left to right, Cecil Paschall, Polk Paschall, Lloyd Paschall, Eddie Paschall, an unidentified man, Ollie Vineyard-Paschall, and George Paschall.
Girls Holding Corn
Postcard of two girls in a rural setting holding several large ears of corn. In the background are several animal-drawn carts secured to what appear to be horses. The girls are identified as, from left to right, Mogie Callaway and Geraldine McCullough
Hillery Baby
Photograph a baby in a christening gown. The baby is posed on a dark, fur fabric with a floral design. The gown is very long, hanging well past the baby's feet. Written on the back are the words, "The Hillery baby."
[Interior of Frank Ellis and Son]
Photograph of the interior of the Frank Ellis and Son General Store in the New Hope community of Sunnyvale, TX. Every wall is covered in shelves. The shelves are lined with various goods being sold. Several independent displays run down the middle of the store. The owner, Frank Ellis, is standing on the left next to a glass display case. He is wearing a suit and tie and a hat.
J.F. McCullough Store
Postcard of the front of the J. F. McCullough store, located on the northeast corner of the square in Mesquite, TX. The store front reads, "J.F. McCullough, Dry Goods, Millinery, Shoes, & Clothing." A sign advertising the Hamilton Brown Shoe Company is leaning against the front of the store. A man and a woman are standing in front of the building next door.
James R. Welch Outfitters
Photograph of a manager tending to customers at James R. Welch Outfitters in Mesquite, TX. The man on the far left is identified as Will Bovell, manager of the store. He is assisting a female customer. Two other employees, dressed in white shirts and dark vests are helping another customer. The shelves behind the subjects are loaded with shoe boxes. In the foreground is a display counter containing neckties and stacks of clothes with price tags.
Mal and Sadie Moore
Photograph the two girls standing in front of a white, wooden building with two windows. They are both wearing knee-length white dresses. The girls are identified as Mal and Sadie Moore. Part of a third person in a dress is visible on the far right.
Mesquite Auditorium
Photograph of the interior of the Mesquite Auditorium. The backdrop for the stage shows advertisements for Mesquite businesses before 1907. According to accompanying information, the auditorium was located above James R. Welch, Outfitters on the east side of the square. Above the stage, an electric light is seen hanging from the rafters.
Mesquite Cooperative
Photograph of the interior of Mesquite Cooperative store in Mesquite, TX. The store later became the Ellis and Allen store. Pictured are an unidentified man and three employees. In the foreground are a wood countertop and several stools. Behind the counter are shelves containing various rolls of fabric.
Mesquite Cooperative
Photograph of the interior of Mesquite Cooperative store in Mesquite, TX. The store later became the Ellis and Allen store. Pictured are three store employees, as well as a young boy on the right and a man in a top hat browsing in the rear of the store. In the foreground are several electric sewing machines.
Mesquite Eighth Grade Students
Photograph of teacher L. J. Berry's eighth grade class in front of Mesquite School in 1911. L. J. Berry is standing on the far right. Included in the photo is Ernest Ellis, front row, second from the right.
Mesquite School Room Five
Photograph of teacher L.J. Berry's sixth grade class, room five, taken in front of Mesquite School in 1911. Pictured are (from back left to right): unknown, unknown, unknown, Sussie Bodine, Ellen Paschall, Lucille Chapman, Lena Jones, Ruth Darcy, Sadie Harris, Junior Nunn, unknown, Annie Hart. Fourth row: unknown, Hattie Carmack, Allie Brown, unknown, unknown, Beulah Sibson (Crane), Ruby Lawrence, Bessie, Octie Ridner, Tina Mae Bean, Allie Dixon, Ethel Stamp, teacher L.J. Berry. Third row: Arla Vanston, unknown, unknown, Lula Cumby, unknown, unknown, unknown,unknown, Stanley Grubb, Clara Packer. Second row: Blake Rugel, Walton Gross, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Tasch. Front row: unknown, unknown, Charlie Bryant, Dan Gross, unknown, unknown, unknown.
Mesquite Students
Photograph showing a class of students in front of Mesquite School. There are forty students pictured, twenty-seven boys and thirteen girls. The back row of students is standing, while the middle row sits in chairs, and the front row sits on the ground. Behind the rows of students stands their teacher. Included in the photograph is Nellie Grey Paschall.
Mr. and Mrs. Odom and Son
Postcard of a man and woman with their son. The woman is seated with the young boy. Both are wearing white clothing with large-brimmed hats. The man is standing behind the two with his hand on the woman's shoulder. The couple is identified as Mr. and Mrs. Odom.
Mrs. Ed Vanston and Students
Photograph of a teacher and students at Mesquite School in 1906. Large wooden desks are in the foreground and a chalkboard is seen behind the students. The class is composed of fifty students, thirty-six boys and fourteen girls. The teacher is identified as Mrs. Ed Vanston. She is standing behind the students.
Mrs. Josie Smith and Students
Photograph of teacher Josie Smith and her students in front of Mesquite High School in Mesquite, TX. Forty-three students are pictured with one teacher. Among those pictured is Arla Vanston.
Mrs. W. C. Cullom and Students
Photograph of teacher Mrs. W. C. Cullom and her students in front of Mesquite School. There are thirty-five students pictured, twenty-one boys and fourteen girls. Mrs. W. C. Cullom stands behind her students. On the left, two boys are holding tennis rackets. In the front row, two boys have tweed hats positioned on their knees.
Mrs. W. C. Cullom and Students
Photograph of teacher Mrs. W. C. Cullom and her students in front of Mesquite School. Mrs. Cullom stands behind the students while an unknown man in a dark suit and hat sits on the ground with the front row of boys.
Polk Paschall Home
Photograph of a family home is Mesquite, Texas. The home is a two-story structure with a covered porch spanning the length of the front. A white picket fence follows a boardwalk in front of the home. A family of five people is standing by the fence and on the home's porch. Standing on the porch, from left to right are daughter Ollie Paschall, George Paschall, and wife Ollie Paschall. Standing by the fence, from left to right, are Cecil Paschall and Polk Paschall.
Portrait of D. A. Davis
Photograph of a man wearing a dark colored suit, buttoned at mid-chest over a white-collared shirt. The man is identified as Mr. D. A. Davis. Accompanying information and writing on the back of the photo identify the subject as the father of Jim Davis and grandfather of Ruth Davis.
Portrait of Ernest Ellis
Photograph of a man standing in front of a picket fence. He is wearing a three piece suit and necktie. He has short hair parted on the side. He is holding his hands behind his back. The man is identified as Ernest Ellis.
Portrait of Leona Grubb
Photograph of a young woman. She is wearing a dark dress with a large bow on the front. She is facing slightly to the left. She is identified as Leona Grubb of Mesquite, TX.
Portrait of Mrs. Sarah Grubb
Photograph of woman in a studio. The image is of a bust-length pose. The woman is identified as Mrs. Sarah Grubb. She is wearing a dark dress with a shamrock print, secured at the neck by a thin pin. The dress is decorated at the center with many beads and a pleated front. She has dark hair parted down the center.
[Portrait of Soldiers in Wales]
Photograph of a group of twenty-five people in Wales taken sometime around the end of World War I. The group is a mixture of civilians and United States soldiers. All are well-dressed in suits and ties and dress uniforms. Most are men, but five young women are standing in the middle of the back row. The civilians include coalminers, drivers, and doctors. The young soldier standing in the back left corner is identified as Ernest Ellis.
Presbyterian Men's Bible Class
Members of the Men's Bible Class of the First Presbyterian Church of Mesquite are standing on the steps of the Church. Pictured on the bottom row, left to right: J. C. Chapman; J. C. Rugel; not identified; J. M. Bennett; I. T. Kirk; John L. Hanby; and J. H. Fender; Second row from bottom: Edgar Range; E. A. Grubb; Charles A. Tosch; unidentified; unidentified; unidentified; and Walter Hanby. Third row: fifth man from the left, Stanley Grubb. Fourth row: second man from left, O.C. Hanby, third man from the left, Hugh Gardner; Henry Humphries; Stanley Grubb. Back row: man on far right end, S.H. Whitehurst. Other members of the class included J.B. Bryant, S.H. Grubb, Robert Bryant, H.H. Hanby, W.E. Baker, I.M. Bell, Albert Tosch, L. E. Gross, W. F. Harris, Jim Edwards, J. T. Davis, D. J. Brown, Dan Rugel, F.I. Walker, Arthur Evans and Joe Cleary.
Young Girls and Bennett School
Photograph of a group of young girls in a field adjacent to a school building in Mesquite, TX. Thirteen girls are pictured in long, white gowns. The school behind them is a large, L-shaped white building with a bell tower.
Young Ladies in White
Photograph of four young ladies all dress in white gowns. They all have hair pulled back and secured with large, white bows. Three are wearing necklaces. The name "Carrie Henry," is written by the lady on the far right.