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Mesquite School Room Five

Description: Photograph of teacher L.J. Berry's sixth grade class, room five, taken in front of Mesquite School in 1911. Pictured are (from back left to right): unknown, unknown, unknown, Sussie Bodine, Ellen Paschall, Lucille Chapman, Lena Jones, Ruth Darcy, Sadie Harris, Junior Nunn, unknown, Annie Hart. Fourth row: unknown, Hattie Carmack, Allie Brown, unknown, unknown, Beulah Sibson (Crane), Ruby Lawrence, Bessie, Octie Ridner, Tina Mae Bean, Allie Dixon, Ethel Stamp, teacher L.J. Berry. Third row: Arla Vanston, unknown, unknown, Lula Cumby, unknown, unknown, unknown,unknown, Stanley Grubb, Clara Packer. Second row: Blake Rugel, Walton Gross, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Tasch. Front row: unknown, unknown, Charlie Bryant, Dan Gross, unknown, unknown, unknown.
Date: unknown

Mesquite Students

Description: Photograph showing a class of students in front of Mesquite School. There are forty students pictured, twenty-seven boys and thirteen girls. The back row of students is standing, while the middle row sits in chairs, and the front row sits on the ground. Behind the rows of students stands their teacher. Included in the photograph is Nellie Grey Paschall.
Date: unknown

J.F. McCullough Store

Description: Postcard of the front of the J. F. McCullough store, located on the northeast corner of the square in Mesquite, TX. The store front reads, "J.F. McCullough, Dry Goods, Millinery, Shoes, & Clothing." A sign advertising the Hamilton Brown Shoe Company is leaning against the front of the store. A man and a woman are standing in front of the building next door.
Date: unknown

Dr. and Mrs. William Cullom Wedding Photograph

Description: Photograph of a man and woman couple on their wedding day in Mesquite, TX. They are identified as Dr. William Carter Cullom and Mrs. Louella Sewell Cullom. Dr. Cullom is dressed in a dark suit and bow tie. He is seated in a chair. Mrs. Cullom is standing on the right in a wedding gown and floral head covering. Her hands are resting on her husband's shoulders.
Date: unknown
Creator: Webster, J. H.

Polk Paschall Home

Description: Photograph of a family home is Mesquite, Texas. The home is a two-story structure with a covered porch spanning the length of the front. A white picket fence follows a boardwalk in front of the home. A family of five people is standing by the fence and on the home's porch. Standing on the porch, from left to right are daughter Ollie Paschall, George Paschall, and wife Ollie Paschall. Standing by the fence, from left to right, are Cecil Paschall and Polk Paschall.
Date: unknown

Elder Ellis Brothers

Description: Photograph of two brothers in Mesquite, TX. Both are wearing suits and have Civil War Veteran medals pinned to their lapels. They also have several other medals on the opposite lapels. The brother on the right has white hair and a beard. The brother on the left has only a mustache. They are identified as the Ellis brothers. The man on the right is identified as William Ellis. According to accompanying information, William Ellis was the grandfather of Ernest Ellis, and father of Frank Ellis. William's son Frank was the owner of Ellis and Sons store, built in the 1880s in the New Hope district of Dallas County.
Date: unknown
Creator: Wisdom

Ellis Brothers

Description: Photograph of four brothers in Mesquite, TX. All are wearing suits and ties. They are, from left to right, Tolbert Ellis, George Ellis, Frank Ellis, and Robert Ellis. The back of the photograph lists three missing siblings. They are brother Ned Ellis and sisters Lucy and Maggie Ellis.
Date: unknown
Creator: Wisdom

Mr. and Mrs. Odom and Son

Description: Postcard of a man and woman with their son. The woman is seated with the young boy. Both are wearing white clothing with large-brimmed hats. The man is standing behind the two with his hand on the woman's shoulder. The couple is identified as Mr. and Mrs. Odom.
Date: unknown
Creator: American Post Card Studio

[Mesquite Chamber of Commerce Banner]

Description: Photograph of individuals holding a banner at the reopening of the McWhorter-Greenhaw store in Mesquite, Texas. Individuals include Methodist pastor Walter Zimmerman, Art Greenhaw, Mesquite Balloon Festival founder Dr. Jack Nelson, Texas representative Bill Blackwood, U. S. representative John Bryant, and Frank Greenhaw.
Date: [1987..1988]

[Downtown Businesses]

Description: Photograph of businesses in downtown Mesquite, Texas. Businesses include G. H. Brown Saddle and Harness Maker; Rugel Bros. Hardware, Wagons, and Farming Implements; E. P. and J. P. Paschall Dry Goods, Groceries, and Cotton Buyers; Lander Bros., Hass & Son, Dealers in Merchandise; G. M. Gross City Drug Store; a cotton, grain, and cotton seed store; and Tomkins & Co., General Merchandise. Horse-drawn wagons are carrying hay and grain.
Date: 1890