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Mr. and Mrs. Odom and Son

Description: Postcard of a man and woman with their son. The woman is seated with the young boy. Both are wearing white clothing with large-brimmed hats. The man is standing behind the two with his hand on the woman's shoulder. The couple is identified as Mr. and Mrs. Odom.
Date: unknown
Creator: American Post Card Studio

Hillery Baby

Description: Photograph a baby in a christening gown. The baby is posed on a dark, fur fabric with a floral design. The gown is very long, hanging well past the baby's feet. Written on the back are the words, "The Hillery baby."
Date: unknown
Creator: Bullard Studios

Mal and Sadie Moore

Description: Photograph the two girls standing in front of a white, wooden building with two windows. They are both wearing knee-length white dresses. The girls are identified as Mal and Sadie Moore. Part of a third person in a dress is visible on the far right.
Date: unknown
Creator: C. Welschsel Company