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City Directory of Mesquite, Texas

Description: City directory for the city of Mesquite listing residents, business firms, and the Dallas classifieds section.
Date: May 1, 1948
Creator: Mesquite Chamber of Commerce
Item Type: Book

[Deed of Sale, May 1921]

Description: Warranty deed transferring land from W. W. Walker and his wife to N. A. Holley for the sum of 50 dollars.
Date: May 28, 1921
Creator: Walker, W. W. & Walker, Edna
Item Type: Legal Document

[Downtown Businesses]

Description: Photograph of businesses in downtown Mesquite, Texas. Businesses include G. H. Brown Saddle and Harness Maker; Rugel Bros. Hardware, Wagons, and Farming Implements; E. P. and J. P. Paschall Dry Goods, Groceries, and Cotton Buyers; Lander Bros., Hass & Son, Dealers in Merchandise; G. M. Gross City Drug Store; a cotton, grain, and cotton seed store; and Tomkins & Co., General Merchandise. Horse-drawn wagons are carrying hay and grain.
Date: 1890
Item Type: Photograph

Dr. and Mrs. William Cullom Wedding Photograph

Description: Photograph of a man and woman couple on their wedding day in Mesquite, TX. They are identified as Dr. William Carter Cullom and Mrs. Louella Sewell Cullom. Dr. Cullom is dressed in a dark suit and bow tie. He is seated in a chair. Mrs. Cullom is standing on the right in a wedding gown and floral head covering. Her hands are resting on her husband's shoulders.
Date: unknown
Creator: Webster, J. H.
Item Type: Photograph

Earl White Home

Description: Postcard of the Earle White home in the New Hope community of what is now Sunnyvale, TX. A large tree is blocking most of the house. A large, covered porch is around the entire structure. A woman holding an infant in her arms is seated on the porch, facing the camera.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Postcard

Elder Ellis Brothers

Description: Photograph of two brothers in Mesquite, TX. Both are wearing suits and have Civil War Veteran medals pinned to their lapels. They also have several other medals on the opposite lapels. The brother on the right has white hair and a beard. The brother on the left has only a mustache. They are identified as the Ellis brothers. The man on the right is identified as William Ellis. According to accompanying information, William Ellis was the grandfather of Ernest Ellis, and father of Frank Ellis. William's son Frank was the owner of Ellis and Sons store, built in the 1880s in the New Hope district of Dallas County.
Date: unknown
Creator: Wisdom
Item Type: Photograph

[Elementary School Class]

Description: Photograph of an elementary school class in Mesquite, Texas. Schoolchildren stand in rows, while their teacher stands behind them.
Date: [1910..1920]
Item Type: Photograph

[Ellis & Allen Dry Food and Goods]

Description: Photograph of the loading area of Ellis & Allen Dry Food and Goods in Mesquite, Texas. Two men and two girls are standing on the dock, next to a shipment of shoes.
Date: [1900..1920]
Item Type: Photograph

Ellis Brothers

Description: Photograph of four brothers in Mesquite, TX. All are wearing suits and ties. They are, from left to right, Tolbert Ellis, George Ellis, Frank Ellis, and Robert Ellis. The back of the photograph lists three missing siblings. They are brother Ned Ellis and sisters Lucy and Maggie Ellis.
Date: unknown
Creator: Wisdom
Item Type: Photograph

[Eula Holley in Yard]

Description: Photograph of Eula Holley sitting in her front yard. In the photograph, Eula wears a hat and shift dress with thin vertical stripes.
Date: [1915..1920]
Item Type: Photograph

[Eula Holley on Fence]

Description: Photograph of Eula Holley sitting on a wooden fence. She wears a gingham dress and a sweater. Several homes are visible in the background.
Date: [1917..1922]
Item Type: Photograph

[Eula Holley Portrait]

Description: Studio portrait of Eula Holley standing in front of an open window. She wears a robe embellished with a fur collar.
Date: [1917..1921]
Item Type: Photograph

[Former Grocery Store]

Description: Photograph of the former N. A. Holley & Sons Grocery Store building, presently occupied by the Adrian Chiropractic Clinic.
Date: December 12, 1987
Item Type: Photograph

[Four People in Front of House]

Description: Photograph of four individuals in front of an old home. Two women, a man, and a small child are situated in the foreground. The women are seated in wooden chairs.
Date: [1900..1910]
Item Type: Photograph