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The Biography of George Dawson
Research paper written for a history class at Marfa High School about the rancher George Dawson from Shafter, Texas, who during his lifetime managed two large ranges, "El Rancho Del Pajorito" and "La Mora." In 1918, Dawson was called to the Army for World War I and was stationed in France for a year. Dawson spent the remainder of his life maintaining the two ranches with his wife, Juana Dawson, who was the main contributor of the information in this paper.
CCC Service Camp
Photograph description by Calistro Nunez Sr. in an interview on January 18, 1975 by Calistro Nunez, Jr., "This picture was taken in 1933, during the depression, when President Roosevelt held office. It shows a CCC Service Camp, which was formed so that the people could work. Their jobs were at making roads on the Chisos Mountain, where Big Bend is now located. The government paid the federal workers according to their duties and responsibilities under several different pay plans. They lived in these camps and were allowed to leave every fifteen days to go to the nearest town."
CCC Service Camp Employees
Photograph description by Calistro Nunez Sr. in an interview on January 18, 1975 by Calistro Nunez, Jr., "This picture, taken in January 23, 1934, shows five federal employees standing in front of their barrack, These men worked in the CCC camps." The photo shows men standing on the steps outside the doorway.
Enlace Matrimonial
Wedding invitation for Anita Marquez and Jose Cano in Marfa, Texas on January 31, 1937. A dance was held after the ceremony.
Febronio Acosta, Identification Card, 1930
Identification Card belonging to Febronio Acosta, President of the Mexican Honorary Commission during 1930.
Frances Faver Cline and Margaret Cline
Photograph of Frances Faver Cline (Mrs. Ira) and Margaret Cline, her daughter-in-law, taken on September 29, 1944. This photo was included in a research paper by Pablo Alvarado for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1972.
Photograph of the 1929 Class of “Inesitas” from Marfa, Texas as they made their First Communion moving toward becoming part of Las Hijas de Maria. Inesitas were young girls who prayed to the Virgin Mary de Gualdalupe and wore white dresses with hoods to church. Written on the photo, "Asociacion de 'Inesitas' de Marfa, Tex. Dic. 8 - 1929"
[Knights of Columbus, 1928]
Photograph of the Caballeros de Colon or Knights of Columbus in 1928. Top row (L-R): first, Mr. Jones, second, Mr. Tiburcio, Sixth, Mr. Tarsado, tenth, Mariano Jiner, eleventh, Pete Waren, thirteenth, Victor Dominguez, fourteenth, Lorenzo Quintania, fifteenth, Manuel Franco, sixteenth, Atanosio Balenzuela, and eighteenth, Artudo Barrera. Middle row (L-R): first, Beto Udiace, second, Lucas Herrera, third, Mr. Jones, fourth, Mr. Martinez, sixth, Bill Rice, seventh, Johnny Parace, eighth, Esavelo Vasquez, ninth, Lupe Mendias, tenth, Willie Udiase, thirteenth, Jose Fierro, fifteenth, Urban Mendias, sixteenth, Chon Udiace, nineteenth, Frank Russell, and twenty-first, Craspun Vasquez. Front row (L-R): first, Chon Segura, third, Conrado Vasquez, Dr. seventh, Jose N., eighth, Clovias Kiaroes, eleventh, Father Warner, twelfth, Fernando Delice, Thirteenth, David W., fourteenth, Fidel Glenn, sixteenth, Secundio Mart5inez, seventeenth, Mr. Moses, and eighteenth, Richard Garcia.
Luz and Manuel Cruz in Chihuahua, Mexico
Photographic postcard from March 19, 1921 picturing Luz Cruz and her son Manuel while on a trip to Chihuahua, Mexico. There is correspondence on the back in Spanish. This photo was included in a report by Salvador Roman, Jr. for a history class at Marfa High School in 1975.
Margarita, Filipe, and Demetria Carrasco, Dressed for a Wedding
Photograph of Margarita, Felipe, and Demetria Carrasco who were siblings. They are dressed for a wedding. The girls wear dresses that their grandmother Candelaria made for them. A description is written on the back in Spanish.
Mary Coe Daniels, Woman of the West
Research paper written for a history class at Marfa High School about Mary Coe Daniels, pioneer of West Texas, and her family. Daniels and her husband and children made their home in West Texas, despite threats of bandits and influenza. She kept house, ran a successful store, delivered babies, and even became a U.S. mail carrier. At the time this paper was created, Mary Cole Daniels was 76 year old and still greeting customers in her general store.
Photcard of Robert Cruz and Luz Hernandez
Photo postcard picturing Luz Hernandez and Robert Cruz fondly looking at one another. They were married and had sons named Steve and Manuel. The back of the postcard has correspondence in Spanish. This photo was included in a report by Salvador Roman, Jr. for a history class at Marfa High School in 1975.
[Photograph of a Group of Men]
Photograph of a group of men on a rocky slope in front of a tree. George Dawson is labeled with a handwritten "1." A handwritten note on the back of the photo suggests that it was taken at "La Mora" ranch near Shafter.
[Photograph of an Outdoor Party]
Photograph of a group of men, women, and children sitting on a blanket at an outdoor party. Three of the individuals have numbers handwritten on them which correspond to their names: 1. Mr. George Dawson, 2. Mrs. Juana Dawson, and 3. Stepheny Dawson. A handwritten note on the back of the photo is mostly illegible but is written in Spanish.
[Photograph of George Dawson, Sr. with Rifle]
Photograph of George Dawson, Sr. standing in a doorway in overalls holding a rifle with ammunition strapped onto him and a knife on his belt. Next to him, a broom and several pieces of wood are leaned against the stone wall. There is a handwritten note in Spanish on the back of the photo, as well as one in English that indicates his weapons were for defense against "Indians and Pancho Villa."
[Postcard of Chito Manriques in a Car]
Postcard of a man sitting in an old-fashioned car. A handwritten note on the back of the postcard states that the man is the brother of Juana Dawson, Chito Manriques. There is also a handwritten note in Spanish on the back of the postcard.
[Postcard of George Dawson]
Postcard of a portrait of George Dawson in his army uniform, sent from Camp Sheridan in Alabama. On the back of the postcard is a handwritten note in Spanish from George Dawson to Jose Ramirez.
Postcard of Jesus Abundio Cobos
Photographic postcard depicting two men, one which is Jesus Abundio Cobos in Alpine, Texas around 1900. One of the men is riding a donkey. Correspondence on the back is in Spanish.
[Postcard of Ramona Delgadio and Carman Lara]
Postcard of two women standing outdoors. The woman on the left, in a white dress, is Ramona Delgadio, and Carman Lara stands to the right in a black dress with flowers in her hand. A handwritten message on the back of the postcard is written in Spanish.
Wizard or Witch
Research paper written by Laurelle Patricia Dunsavage for an American History Class at Marfa High School on March 3, 1977. It is about different types of healers in the hispanic culture and has a section defining the different herbs and their uses in remedies. Samples of the actual herbs are included in this report.