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[Branding calves at the McElroy or Y Ranch]
Branding on a roundup at the McElroy or Y Ranch. Several herds of cattle are in the background. Four men are in the foreground. Two seated men are securing a calf and a third man is standing above the calf with a branding iron. A fourth man is running from the scene. One of the men in the photo is Hugh Castleberry, brother of Hub Castleberry.
Hub Castleberry, Camp Cook
Research paper written by Roxanne Baker detailing the life of Hub Castleberry as a camp cook for the McElroy or Y ranch.
[McElroy or Y Ranch]
Wide photo of McElroy or Y Ranch headquarters. The ranch is in the center of a large area of dusty farmland.
[Photograph of Annie Alverta Galloway Drake]
Photograph of Annie Alverta Galloway Drake wearing a dark dress and standing outside near a garden and a tree, with a house and car in the background.
[Photograph of the Drake Family Picking Cotton]
Photograph of 11 members of the Drake family standing in a cotton field while picking cotton. A car can be seen in the background, parked in the field
[A roundup at the Y Ranch]
A roundup at the Y Ranch. Included in the photo (standing, left to right): Freddie Jones, George Lee, George Ligg, Joe Clarke, Unknown, George Clarke, Unknown, George Clarke, Unknown, Buck Kelton, Tom Grammer, Unknown, Sheriner, Dewy Gilbert, Smith, Hub Castleberry. Seated in front of the standing men (left to right): Two of Buck Kelton's sons, a reporter from "Cattleman's Weekly" magazine, a writer, and a rodeo hand. Rolled up tents and a chuck wagon are in the far right corner of the photograph. They are outside near the Y Ranch.