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[At Home Card for Mrs. Henry Coffield]
Wedding announcement card celebrating the marriage of Henry Coffield and his wife. The text reads: "Mrs. Henry Coffield, At Home, Thursday, July third, three to four o-clock."
Blackwell School
This image was scanned from the negative of the photograph. It shows the buildings of the Blackwell School in Marfa, Texas. In the foreground, the ground is bare dirt and the buildings are in the background. There are at least three different white buildings with many windows and doors. The building in the middle has the name of the school visible over the door. There are shrubs planted against the walls of the buildings. To the right, there is a flagpole (but no flag), a bare tree, and some other shrubs. A handwritten note on the back of the print says, "Blackwell School about 1940."
Branding a Calf
Photograph of Juan Morales, Oscar Wells, and Clint Holden branding a calf in a corral on the Brite Ranch in 1941.
Bryan Cartwright at Ben Avant's Ranch
Photograph of Bryan Cartwright and an unidentified woman sitting on a horse at Ben Avant's ranch in 1945.
Bryant Williams in 1943
Photograph Bryant Williams in his uniform during the North African Campaign in 1943.
Bulletin, Baptist Church Dedication Service, 1943
The bulletin from the dedication service of First Baptist Church in Marfa, Texas on July 25, 1943. It contains the program for the service.
Bulletin, Baptist Church, Marfa, Texas, 1946
The bulletin from First Baptist Church in Marfa, Texas for July 28, 1946. It contains information about worship services, committees and church announcements.
Bulletin, Baptist Church, Marfa, Texas, 1948
The bulletin from First Baptist Church in Marfa, Texas for September 26, 1948. It contains information about worship services and church announcements.
L.C. Brite
Photograph of L.C. Brite. Beneath the photo reads, "L.C. Brite. B.C.B. Trustee, 1914-41; President, 1925-41; T.C.U. Trustee, 1912-41. 29 years." He has a mustache and wears a suit and tie.
[Cavalry at Bloys Campground]
This photograph shows a large group of people. In the front, there are five people sitting on a bench at a low table covered in books and other objects. There is a man in a suit standing in front of them, holding a United States flag on a pole. Back behind, there are people in uniform standing, and others sitting on horseback in a loose semi-circle. In the middle of the photograph there is someone with a movie camera. In the background, there are some trees and what appear to be some mountains. In the bottom right corner, there is a signature that says, "Keith, Marfa." On the back of the photograph, there is a handwritten note that reads, "1944. Big Bend Cavalry, Bloys camp meeting grounds. George Jones commander, R. J. Bledsoe adjutant. Met at Bloys camp mtg. grounds. Joe Peeney standing near table."
Doug Bryant and His Flight Instructor, 1942
Photograph of Doug Bryant with his flight instructor.
Doug Bryant in Uniform, 1942
Photograph of Doug Bryant. He is standing outdoors and wearing his uniform.
Frances Faver Cline and Margaret Cline
Photograph of Frances Faver Cline (Mrs. Ira) and Margaret Cline, her daughter-in-law, taken on September 29, 1944. This photo was included in a research paper by Pablo Alvarado for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1972.
Fredrick Alvarado, 1943
Portrait of Fredrick Alvarado, taken on April 18, 1943 in Ruidosa, New Mexico. He fought in World War II.
[Ft. Davis Catholic Church]
The Catholic church home where the Crosson family stayed in Ft. Davis. George Francis Crosson is standing in the far left middle of the photograph.
Funeral Notice for L.C. Brite
Funeral notice for Lucas Charles Brite, whose funeral was held at the First Christian Church on Friday, September 5, 1941 at 3 pm.
Handwritten History of First School
handwritten page by Mr. Blackwell describing the history of Blackwell Jr. High, probably in 1940 at the dedication of the new wing on the school.
[Highland Cows]
Large enclosed wooden pen of Highland cows on the Crosson ranch. The cows accompanied their calves to town. The calves were shipped to feed lots while the cows were returned to the Crosson ranch.
Jimmie Keith and Joan Blondell
Photograph of the photographer Jimmie Keith with actress Joan Blondell at Fort Hood. She wears a helmet and goggles.
[Jose Ceniceros and Happy Godbold at Godbold, Inc.]
Jose Ceniceros and Happy Godbold at the loading dock of Godbold, Inc. Godbold and Ceniceros are talking on the loading dock. To the left of Godbold and Ceniceros, a large truck is awaiting cargo.
The Luis Morales Family
Photograph of the Morales family on horseback in 1949. (L-R): Luis Morales, Ben Morales, Adam Morales, and Sam Morales. They were long-time employees of the Brite Ranch in West Texas.
M.D.Bryant at Spring Creek Ranch, 1962
Photograph of M.D. Bryant at Spring Creek Ranch in 1962.
M.D.Bryant Inspecting Cattle, 1948
Photograph of M.D. Bryant inspecting cattle at the Marfa Ranch in 1948.
[Manuel Colomo in Italy, 1945]
Manuel Colomo in 1945, standing in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy. He is wearing the uniform of a U.S. soldier
Marfa High School Band in 1941
Photograph of the Marfa High School Marching Band in 1941.
Marfa Lions Club
In this photograph, ther are two older men standing together. The man on the right is wearing a light-colored shirt and slacks and glasses; he is handing a plaque to the man on the left who is wearing a dark-colored suit and tie. The man on the left is also holding an identifiable object in his left hand. The plaque is fairly small and shaped like a shield with a metallic Lions Club seal in the middle and a small metal inscribed plate underneath it. In the background, there are curtains and at least two different flags at the right of the photograph. There also appears to be a chair (only partially visible) in front of the men. On the back of the photograph there is a handwritten note that says, "l. to. r. Jesse Blakwell, Marfa, H. L. Leithead, Marfa." Accompanying information says "This picture was taken on May 6, 1949. Pictured are Mr. Jess Blackwell being presented an honorary award from Mr. H. L. Leithead club chairman."
Mrs. L.C. Brite
Photograph of Mrs. L.C. Brite. Written beneath her picture is, "Trustee, B.C.B. and T.C. U., 1941 - ." She wears glasses and a string of pearls.
[Photograph of Alfred Dominguez]
Photograph of Alfred Dominguez in an army uniform while he was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany during World War II.
[Photograph of Alfred Dominguez]
Photograph of Alfred Dominguez in his Army uniform standing in front of a barracks building.
[Photograph of Dutch Acton]
Photograph of Dutch Acton at Youngblood Ranch standing in front of a truck with saddles in it.
[Photograph of Estella Dominguez]
Photograph of Estella Dominguez in a dark dress standing outside of a house.
[Photograph of Juan Dominguez and His Band]
Photograph of Juan Dominguez and three members of his band sitting on a bench on the side of a street with cars parked on the curb behind them. The instruments included in the band are a violin, guitar, trombone, and saxophone.
[Photograph of Juan Dominguez's Children]
Photograph of Juan Dominguez's children, from left to right, Elodia, Abel, Nora, Manuel, and Maria Eduina, who has been cut from another picture and taped onto the photo.
[Portrait of Esther Dominguez]
Portrait of Esther Dominguez wearing a collared top with a shell print.
[Private Palama Roberts]
Photograph of Private Palama Roberts in full military uniform. Roberts is the niece of Mrs. Charles Crosson.
Program for L.C. Brite's Birthday Dinner 1941
Printed program for a birthday dinner for L.C. Brite at the First Christian Church in Marfa, Texas on August 3, 1941. It was his last birthday before he passed away on September 4, 1941. The program included an invocation, dinner, music sung by the choir and by the guests, letters and wires from friends, tributes, and a benediction.
Sam Bunton
Photograph of Sam Bunton on horseback in front of his home in Marfa.
Shafter 8th Grade Graduation Class of 1941
Photograph of the eight grade graduating class of Shafter, Texas in 1941. Front row: Ernestina Soza, Guadalupe Ramirez, Jesus DeAnda, Middle row: Luz Ramirez, Esperanza Contreras. Antonia Pina, Estanislada Franco, Tuth Gschwind. Back row: Tommy Tyree, Eugene Hernandez, Leander Juarez, Raul Flores, Bobby Sloan, Ben Jimenez, Edward Watts, teacher. This photo was included in a research paper by Cynthia Lee Rogers for an American History class at Marfa High School.
Wedding invitation of Mary Martha Coffield to Benjamin Gearhart
Wedding invitation celebrating the marriage of Mary Martha Coffield to Benjamin Gearhart, Jr.
Wedding Picture of Juana and Franciso Campos, 1948
Photograph of the wedding of Juana and Franciso Campos. They are standing outside the home of Marcelo Campos. Next to them (L-R) areAnna Hernandez, Jose Munoz, Pilar Roche and Juan Roche.