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Josepha Castro

Description: Photographic postcard of Josepha Castro. A description of this photo by Eddie Rivera reads," Mrs. Castro was born in Shafter, Texas. She was best known for her fine knitting. She knitted fine articles and sold them. It was her hobby. She sold them only to make enough money to buy more supplies. She is the aunt of the Ignacio Campos family. She was a very religious person. She also liked to help the people who could not afford to buy or have something. You might have called her 'The Salvation Army'."
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Charley Bishop and grandchildren]

Description: In this photograph, an older gentleman, identified as Charley Bishop, is standing in front of a house holding a dead rattlesnake in each hand. Three of his grandchildren are also in the picture: a young girl in a dress and pigtails is standing to his right (on the far left of the photograph), a young boy in overalls is sitting on the sidewalk directly in front of Mr. Bishop, and a second boy, also in overalls and identified as "Eddie", is sitting on a tricycle in the far right of the photograph (to Mr. Bishop's left). The back of the photograph says "Postcard" and has "Charley Bishop with grandchildren, on right Eddie, + large rattlesnakes...1947" handwritten in pencil.
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Lucia Duran and Jesusita Garcia]

Description: Postcard of Lucia Duran and Jesusita Garcia at nine years old wearing white dresses and veils, having just taken their first communion. There is nothing written on the back of the postcard.
Date: 1919

Teresa Campos Family

Description: Photographic postcard picturing the nieces and nephews of Teresa Campos (L-R) Fred Ortega, age 4; Fransica Ortega, age 5; Enedina Martinez (sitting); Nena Ortega, age 2; Maria Martinez Ortega (Enedina's daughter); and Fransico, age 6. They are at their house in Ruidosa, Texas.
Date: 1922~