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Description: This photograph is of a group of cavalrymen out on drill. There are many soldiers, ranged on the slope of a mountain and wearing dark uniforms and hats. Several of the men are standing with horses in the back or to the side. Two of the men have pins on their collars, showing that they are marksmen. Behind the men, there are rocks and desert plants.
Date: 1886

[Fort Davis 1880]

Description: This photograph shows Fort Davis after snow has fallen. There are several long structures to the right which are the Quartermaster's building and store house. In the middle of the photograph, there is a large open field. In the foreground, there are rocks and the ruins of a small adobe building. Around the left edge of the field, there are trees and the Officer's Barracks. At the far end of the barracks are several two-story buildings including the Post Chapel and Post Headquarters. In the background there are several mountains.
Date: c. 1880